Monday, June 27, 2011

Sue Devitt Tralee Silky Blush

One of my favorite summer makeup looks is desert oasis-inspired with sand, dusty olive and muted browns. This calls for neutral blush that is free of flowery tones. Last year's NARS Douceur is an excellent example and has been a favorite for this look, but ever since I got Sue Devitt Silky Blush in Tralee as a gift with purchase it has become The One.

Color-wise, Sue Devit's Tralee and NARS Douceur are almost identical. I'm pretty sure 3 out of four times I would have a hard time telling them apart. Both are natural/nude rose with a medium brown base. Neither one is shimmery but Tralee has an almost satin finish that gives a very subtle glow. Sue Devitt's blush is also more pigmented so I never find a need to build up the color, though it is possible: what you see in these pictures are heavy swatches- I never use this much on my face.

You can also see how the color appears in pulls more orange if you use too much in strong afternoon sunlight. I took the photo with Josephine right by the glass doors leading to the deck. I think the other swatch is more true to the color you see most of the time.

Sue Devitt's blushes have a wonderful texture and blend beautifully on the skin. I find that Tralee, like the other ones I have, stays put all day (I always use good base products and a finishing powder). It is easy to apply, blend and create a flattering look. My favorite brushes for Tralee are either Sue Devitt's blush brush or Shu Uemura #20.

Bottom Line: Nicer than NARS.

Sue Devitt Silky Blush ($20) is available from Ulta, select department stores and . Mine was a GWP.

All photos are mine.


  1. I love that conceit: desert oasis. It would never succeed with my coloring, but I bet it's admirable against your olive tones, and a damn sight more interesting than any other summer collection dreamed up this year. ; )

    Heh, brush suggestions. I've noticed that getting into brushes changes my perception of makeup application in the most profound way. You see the underlying techniques more than the product-of-the-moment.

  2. Thanks, Dain :)
    I find that the bigger my brush collection gets, the more I enjoy my makeup, new and old. Some items should really come with brush specifications, otherwise people can utterly misuse and/or feel disappointment. Not that I suggest that everyone should have a monstrous brush collection...


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