Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Untitled No. 2 by Tristan Brando

I'm going to lose all my street cred by admitting this, but I actually have a very soft spot for Disney. Crowds and ultra crappy food aside, I like Disneyworld and have spent a couple of birthdays in my thirties soaking up the manufactured joy of the Happiest Place In The World. Visiting Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom you just need to put everything else aside and just go with it- Mickey and all. Some people drink to lose their inhibitions. I wear the ears.

When wearing Untitled No. 2 by Tristan Brando (the perfumer behind the utterly adorable Monyette Paris) I get a similar feeling of completely mindless joy. It changes every time I sample this perfume oil- sometimes it's a cheerful and luscious fruity floral, other times it's as flat as a lunch from a concession stand. There's something incredibly artificial about Untitled No. 2 and I can't always deal with it. Especially on days when I get more Glade than a real perfume out of it. However, sometimes the opening notes take form of an apple-scented shampoo from my childhood, sweet pudding and a pink drink decorated with an umbrella. It's a bit low-brow but incredibly fun.

Untitled No. 2 is not my thing and is one perfume in the Untitled series I can definitely live without owning a bottle. I like the coconut-vanilla core of this oil, but not much of the stuff surrounding it, unless I'm really in the mood. Sometimes I can lose myself in the frothy fun, other days it's like walking down Main Street, U.S.A. while trying to have a serious conversation or reading important email on your phone. It just doesn't work.

Notes: black coconut milk, green coconut, tahitian vanilla, madagascar vanilla, heliotrope, light driftwood musk, Sicilian tangelo zest

Untitled No. 2 ($65, 8ml) by Tristan Brando is part of the Luckyscent/Scent Bar series of limited edition perfumes commissioned by the Los Angeles perfumes boutique. Available online and in the store.



  1. It's intriguing that a scent can smell so different from time to time; I can't say I've had such an experience, however I haven't sampled a fraction of as many as you! Last time I went to Disney (not as a kid) I went on the It's a small world ride at least two times in succession... =P

  2. I totally get your associations with the things sometimes viewed as others as trivial, like the mouse ears. We all need to have our happy places. For me, Juara Candlenut Oil perfume takes me there. I like my favorite faux-tiki spots in Las Vegas, piped in tropical scents in the lounge at The Mirage, that's my bag.

  3. This is one of the best descriptions I've ever read! How charming. And how strange that some scents can be so appealing at times and repelling at others. Have you experienced this with any other perfumes?

  4. Dovey, I'm so glad not to be alone in loving the small world ride :) .

  5. Carrie, now I feel validated :) We all need such places in our lives.

  6. Laura, I find that almost any perfume can feel wrong at times- it's enough just not to be in the right mood and things can go very wrong very quickly. Especially in an extreme weather.


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