Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Ecumes D'Or Summer 2011 Lip Kaleidoscope Kit

Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope palettes always look and feel like little treasures. The packaging and the incredible textures of the creamy lip colors and/or unique eye shadows tell you right away you've got something special there. These are  true luxury products that I savor every time I apply them.

The summer 2011 collection from Le Metier has already given us some great beauties- Penelope Eye Kaleidoscope and the Gods & Goddesses nail colors. Like the previously released summer colors, the new Ecumes D'Or lip kaleidoscope (created by Dustin Lujan, a man who knows color and can make me wear the unthinkable) is also Mediterranean-inspired with and sea theme.

As usual, there are four colors in the mirror-topped kaleidoscope. They're meant to be layered, mixed in different ratios or worn alone: you can and should customize a look and make it your own. And it's especially easy with this combination. The two shades at the bottom, Calm Phoenix (looks like a raspberry sorbet) and Deep Sea (a rich shimmering mauve) are perfect by themselves, mixed together or topped with the glossy two top colors. Both leave a very long-lasting stain on the lips that can be re-glossed or intensified when you touch up.

Morning Light is that scary golden sun in the second tier. It's beautiful, of course, adds warmth and a beachy look to naked lips or adjusts and changes the lip color you use underneath. I wish this one came in vats, because Morning Light is great for mixing with so many shades to make them summer-perfect. Soft Dew is a nude opalish pink that doesn't show up on my lips on its own but it tones down any plum or purple to make them more wearable this season. Mixed with the other Ecumes D'Or shades it gives them lightness and a pink boost.

The colors can be mixed and layered in many ways, either using Le Metier de Beaute's Couches de Colour technique (starting from the bottom shade and layering as you go up), or in any other way, adding more of the pigmented colors or the glossy ones to achieve the desired effect. I also experimenting using the nude Soft Dew as a base and adding a dash of either Calm Phoenix or Deep See for color. I loved the bitten look that resulted (see below).

The texture of Ecumes D'Or is as expected from Le Metier de Beaute. Light and comfortable to wear, kind to the lips and offering the line's characteristic grown up complex shimmer that is more of a glow, as there are no visible particles upon application.

Bottom Line: a beauty.

Le Metier de Beaute Ecumes D'Or Summer 2011 Lip Kaleidoscope Kit ($95) is a Bergdorf Goodman exclusive. It's already at the counter and available for phone orders (212-872-8612). The one here is a press sample sent by the company.

All photos are mine.


  1. Beautiful!! I still can't seem to jump on the lip palette bandwagon. I'd have to buy a lip brush!! I love all of my eye kaleidoscopes so much. Maybe one of these days I'll have to try out a lip one ;-)

  2. I love how all of the colours work together and how beautiful is the mix of Morning Light over Calm Phoenix?! I've never owned a lip kaleidoscope but I had one applied at the counter at Selfridges and I thought the texture was amazing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  3. C., my jaw just dropped at the concept of not owning lip brush. I can't imagine not having several of them around at all time.

  4. Jane, it's my pleasure :)
    I'm on my second Red Rapture lip kaleidoscope. It's a classic and always looks amazing.

  5. Thank you, Gaia, for the great photos and for showing us some examples of the many layering possibilities which are at the core of LMdB's aesthetic. Each new set of LMdB colors offers us dozens of beautiful combinations; the possibilities limited only by our imagination. It's good to see some of them in a review.

    This year's Mediterranean inspired Kaléidoscopes have been outstanding. The Penelope palette set the bar very high and the Écumes D'Or palette is a most worthy companion. It looks like I'll be calling NY tomorrow :-)

  6. Ok you always have the scoop and I wait and miss out! Im on this one thanks.

  7. Eileen, whenever I look at my various Kaleidoscopes I feel I have an artist's studio at my hands. The colors and textures invite me to experiment and see what else I can do with them. LMdB brought a wonderful sense of fun to makeup.

  8. Beautyblitz, go get it :) So worth it.


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