Monday, September 28, 2009

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eye Shadow

The Edward Bess lovefest continues.

It was hard to choose between the eye shadow colors, but I settles on Dusk, a grayish brown (or brownish gray, depending on the light) with a subtle khaki undertone. It's the second darkest in the line, and works beautifully in the crease, on the lid and even to lightly line the lower lashes (using Nars smudge brush). On a lighter skin, Dusk could easily be used to line the upper lashes as well.

Edward Bess' perfectionism is extremely obvious in his eye shadows. The colors are the most elegant you would find- all are neutral and subtle but with enough character, pigment and rich undertones to create beautiful effects that aren't obvious makeupy, if that makes any sense. I guess it's the total opposite approach of lines that dazzle you with trendy colors and appeal to one's experimental side. With Edward Bess' work, the makeup items are so perfect that it's no longer about the makeup, but about the wearer. Which, come to think about it, that's the way it should always be.

The texture and quality are the best. Smooth and finely milled, the eye shadows apply as lightly or as thickly as you want, and the color is buildable without caking (in the swatch pictures, no. 1 is the color applied as a light wash, no. 2 is two layers with a dense brush) . Used over a primer, the only way to get get it off is with a makeup remover. Otherwise it stays on.

Bottom line: I need at least a couple of other of these.

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eye Shadows ($29) are available exclusively from Bergdorf Goodman and

All photos are mine.

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  1. You "need" Intimate. It is the lighter counterpart to Dusk-- a perfect subtle taupe/beige wash. Can you tell I am a newly-obsessed Edward Bess fan? (Any word on when his cream blush is coming out?)


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