Monday, August 27, 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Collection Holiday 2012

The good people at NARS have released all the details about the much-anticipated NARS Andy Warhol Collection Holiday 2012 and it's a big one. Huge, really. Unlike the ultra disappointing Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura holiday collection, what NARS is offering us is a wide selection of items that retain a cohesive artistic vision. It's quite grownup and edgy, and the limited edition packaging is a true collector's item.  There will be three ranges of Andy Warhol products for different distribution channels. Eventually I'll post my top picks from each, but for now here's a quick breakdown and some photos courtesy of NARS PR.

1. POP Collection (Sephora Exclusive, available starting October 1st) is all about Andy Warhol's Pop Art. It includes some serious stunners:
 -Debbie Harry Cheek and Eye Palette ($65) includes new shades and a new diamond dust formula.
 -Three eye shadow palettes — Flowers 1, Flowers 2 and Flowers 3, each $55 — all new shades, and each compact has a Warhol quote selected by Nars inscribed on the mirror.
 -Kiss Mini Larger Than Life Lip Gloss Coffret ($55), features five new lip glosses in a soup-can container decorated with Warhol’s lip print.

-Walk on the Wild Side ($39) set, includes a silver illuminator, a mini It nail polish and a mini Orgasm Larger Than Life lip gloss.

2. Silver Factory Collection (department stores and from Nobember 1st) is all downtown edge and dedicated to Warhol's famous studio. It includes gift sets at various price levels:

-Silver Factory set ($200) includes: the Silver Factory Multiple, Eye shadows Trios; Chelsea Girls Pure Matte Lipstick; Desire Blush; Via Veneto Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, and two brushes: large domed eye shadow brush and blush brush.

- Edie set ($75) is in a film canister with a shot from one of the actress’ original screen tests with Warhol. It includes Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick, Edie Eyeshadow, Carpates Eyeliner Stylo and Deep Throat/Amour Blush DuoShadow.

- Beautiful Darling set ($49)  contains Candy Darling Nail Polish, Femme Fatale Duo Eyeshadow and Woman in Revolt Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in a makeup bag with an image of Darling, one of Warhol's muses, shot by Nat Finkelstein.

-Three different eye shadow palettes — Self Portrait 1, Self Portrait 2, Self Portrait 3, each $55 — offer new shades and Warhol quotes selected by Francois Nars on the compacts.

-Photo Booth set ($35) is a mini nail polish lineup with new shades named Back Room, Soup Can, Chelsea Girls and Silver Factory.

3. Andy Warhol Holiday Color Collection (available from both Sephora and deprtment stores, October 1st):

- Satellite of Love Highlighting Blush ($28)
- 47th Street Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner ($23)
- four Soft Touch Shadow Pencils ($24 each)
- five new Larger Than Life lip glosses ( $26 each)

- five nail polishes ( $18 each)

It's a lot of stuff, I know. At first glance, what do you consider a must-have from this collection?


  1. Trying to add up how much EVERYTHING would cost because there's not one thing I would leave on the shelf! #remortgage

  2. I absolutely LOVE Andy Warhol and there's defintely nothing I am leaving behind from this collection!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! This is an amazing collection. It's a good thing I'm not much of a Warhol fan, else my wallet would be going into death throes. I do find myself drawn to the teal polish in the last picture, so I'll probably check it out once they have the testers set up.

  4. OMG! I just posted this too! I KNOW I need the teal, purple and orange polishes as well as the sephora set with the mini it girl polish. Then I will either get the mini four piece nail polish set OR if I skip that then I need the full sized black polish.

    So at best
    4 full sized polishes and the walk on the wild gift set,

    At worst,
    3 full sized polishes, walk on the wild gift set AND the photo booth set!

    My wallet hurts just thinking about this!

  5. OHHHH My head is spinning! If I can have JUST (insert italics), put me down for the Edie canister...everything I need need need all in 1 package

  6. This collection is gorgeous: concept, products... all. I soooo want something! maybe Edie set :)

  7. yowza, that's a lot of stuff! what catches my eye first are the two trios of eyeshadow palettes and the debbie harry set. i really like the color combos on all of those.


  8. OMG this whole series makes me want to cry it's so incredible. And did I read it right, Chelsea Girls in a stick !?! CG is my go-to nude but a lip lacquer in a pot makes it a non-"on-the-go" choice. CG in a stick is my dream! The fact that it's in the Silver Factory set makes me smile and my wallet wince.



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