Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vero Profumo- Kiki, Onda & Rubj in Eau de Parfum

Vero Profumo's three original perfumes, Onda, Kiki and Rubj have been cult favorites ever since they came out as an extrait de parfum. Their limited distribution has made them a sort-of-secret , word-of-mouth (and blog) thing among those in the know. The heavy concentration, bombshell  character and stunning composition (not to mention a liberal use of animalic notes) made sure they remain the darlings of only a small part of the perfume community.

As of today, Kiki, Onda and Rubj are also available in eau de parfum concentration. Vero Kern, the Swiss perfumer behind the brand took a long time working on the formulas and tweaking them to her standard of perfection. The final product she presents us is not a diluted juice but a variation on each theme, and I have to say all three have exceeded my expectations.

Kiki EDP might be the one that follows the original most closely while still smelling new. It always had a very gourmand aspect and a boozy fruit somewhere in its heart. That part has been amplified, the heavy curtains of the Parisian boudoir opened a little and more light is now shining in. A day that starts with a couple of Kiki spritzes can never go wrong. As long as one wears the right shoes. And lingerie.

I was most worried about Onda. The extrait is very dear to me- I have felt a strong connection with it from the very first time I sampled it three years ago. The EDP may be less animalic, but the sensuality hasn't diminished. Onda EDP is more polite, perhaps, a little less smoky, but it's still a firecracker in a black leather jacket, ready to raise some hell and take on the world. I doubt anyone who found Onda objectionable in extrait would come around and enjoy it now. However, if you loved it but was too self-conscious to wear it in public and deal with the stares, the EDP should make it easier for you.

Rubj might have gained a new level of sensuality in EDP, if that's even possible. It was always sunshiny and bursting with life and energy. The fruity musk drydown now has friends to play with it. A passion fruit note has been added to all three perfumes, but here it gets a solo. I'm not exactly a fruity person, but I love the way Vero has made it work. In the case of Rubj, there's a hefty dose of spice making the fruit as far from a mainstream cliche as can be. There's cumin here and for once its use is not a poor excuse for a sloppy reformulations but a perfect tool to bring out the heat of the composition.

All three EDPs have an excellent all day longevity and a good (though not obnoxious) projection. I'm having a very hard time convincing myself that owning all three extraits (they were a Valentine's Day gift a few years ago) should be enough for me and I don't really need full bottles of the new versions. The problem is they really are that good.

Kiki ($165), Onda ($165) & Rubj ($195) in Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo (all bottles 50ml)  are available now from Luckyscent. They also sell samples, which I highly recommend if you're not familiar with the line. I received samples of all three directly from the perfumer.

Art: Woman In A Yellow Dress by Tamara de Lempicka, 1929


  1. These are gorgeous and perfect complements to the extraits, and I have to write one of the the releases in the past months that totally justify the price..

  2. The blogosphere has received very well these new concentrations.

    I would have loved to be able to find Kiki in a more affordable edp - I adored the extrait but the price point was verboten.

    But on my skin, the passion fruit addition was totally "vade retro".
    I didn't like it in the least: and I don't think the EDP was able to mantain the spirit of the fragrance. But that's me (Ok, it wasn't exactly only me loathing the change).

  3. Thank you for reviewing these. I love Onda, and was wondering about how the edp & extract might wear together. I wrote to Vero Kern, who responded that wearing them together, was her intention. I think I will start with samples, tho.

    1. Together as in Kiki with Kiki, or mix Kiki with Onda, etc?

  4. Gaia, you made me very happy that I ordered the LuckyScent sample pack! It has some of the Vero Pfofumo fragrances in it. Yea!


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