Monday, March 17, 2014

Currently- March 2014

I'm back to reading Australian chick lit, which apparently is exactly what I was doing a year ago. In my defense, I'm also in the middle of Childhood At Court, 1819-1914 by John Var Der Kiste, which deals with the lives of royal children around Europe during the Victorian and Edwardian era. Prince George of Cambridge should thank the universe and every deity he knows that he wasn't born back then.

Moby & Mark Lanegan- The Lonely Night

Still "meh", and I suspect it's going to remain so until Game of Thrones returns.

Mata Hari by DSH Perfumes. It's available again, in case you wondered, and I might need a backup.

New loves from Surratt and Make. The new Rouge Bunny Rouge loose powder is also very very nice.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
Coats, of course. The rumors abut spring were premature.

Sweet red peppers and cottage cheese. I'm as sophisticated as my 18 month old nephew.

Guilty Pleasure
Industry gossip.

The recent discovery that I've become allergic to coconut. My skin reacts in various unpleasant ways. And, yes, this is directly related to last month's coconut binge.

Friends. No matter how annoyed I get with various behind-the-scenes aspect of blogging or with the beauty and perfume industries, I never forget that it brought some of my closest friends into my life, most of them are people I would never have met otherwise.

Italy. It's been a while.

A spa day. I found an amazing reflexologist at the spa near my house.

Random Thought
I know that the Weinstein Company produces Project Runway and Under The Gunn, but do they have to keep mentioning Marchesa Parfum d'Extase every time Georgina Chapman appears on the show? It launched two and a half years ago. If people weren't lining up to buy it then, even Tim Gunn can't make them do it now.

How are you? Please share your recommendations, banes, and random thoughts.

Photo:  New York In the 80s by Steven Siegel.


  1. Hi Gaia! Before my little Currently, I haven't said in a while how much I appreciate you being you and doing what you do :) You are such a Gorgeous and heartfelt Host into the Universe of Scent and all that makes Life Lovely. No one celebrates Beauty, inside and out, like you. So THANK YOU!! :) You are a Gift.

    BOOK - My "Forever Summer" cookbook by Nigella Lawson. I just adore her and her personality shines in her food writing :)
    MUSIC - Molly Ringwald's "Except Sometimes"
    TV - All up into The Ultimate Fighter (mixed martial arts), Impractical Jokers, and Face Off :)
    PERFUME - Realllly thinking about digging out my Spring fig scents early because even though it's Cold still, it's flippin mid-March! :) Figs, FIGS!
    MAKEUP - nada. zip.
    Frequently Worn Outfit - my snuggly men's sleep pants and zombie Elvis t-shirt and two layers of cozy socks
    FOOD - I've re-friended my wok and stocked up on schezuan stir fry sauce that makes my eyes water and make lots of broccoli-based numbers over bow-tie pasta :)
    GUILTY PLEASURE - ice cream baby! But no real guilt :)
    BANE - Ummmm... well, I do dislike it very much when I see a new recipe that Rocks then notice it requires mayonnaise. (This is mainly happening on my new Betty Crocker cooking app, which is SO COOL)
    JOY - That I am Loved, just as I am
    ANTICIPATION - Getting all the necessary ingredients and having my first go at Pad Thai :) :) :)
    WISHLIST - I REALLY want this vegetarian cookbook I found out about by watching The Taste this season. It's called "Jerusalem". I NEED this award winning cookbook!
    RANDOM THOUGHT - My neighbor came over with a bowl of what looked like baby garlics, kindof rosy brown, and my mind raced to truly foody outcomes..but they aren't wee garlics at all. These are gladiola bulbs. I'm happy but not as excited somehow. :)

    Cheers Gaia! Have a Groovy Week!
    Zanne :)

  2. Book
    Elfriede Jelinek: The Piano Teacher

    Pharrell Williams: Happy (heard it first on Brit Awards, then at the Oscars and now it has been playing everywhere)

    Sunday night German police series

    L'Artisan Premier Figuier (which I won in the PF 20th Anniversary competition)

    Red lips and green nails.

    Still obsessed with carrots & feta combo.

    Joy & Anticipation
    Upcoming 20th anniversary trip to Vienna.

  3. Oh! Have a great time in Italy.

  4. Hi from very sunny Perth WA. Over 100 days of no rain so looking forward to autumn.
    What chick lit is it? If you can get hold of Kate Mortons books she's fabulous, and thoroughly addictive!
    Perfume- I want amber, woods and spice, but currently my great love is Roma Imperiale by Profumi del Forte.
    Food- pulled pork taco's, puy lentil/fetta and beetroot salad.
    Allergic to coconut is awful! I love the stuff. But I mainly use argan oil.
    Makeup- grey eyeshadow. Any shade.
    Love my garden, have many chillis I must use, frangipani and sambac jasmine in full bloom :)

  5. Book: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

    Music: Comparing various pianists' interpretations of Bach's Goldberg Variations.

    TV: The Mentalist, Season 3. (Enjoying it despite the fact that their stupid facebook page posted a spoiler last fall.)

    Perfume: I keep forgetting to wear it, but when I do, it's usually DSH Pandora or one of her vanilla fragrances.

    Makeup: Lots of creams, and lots of MAC. I've rediscovered MAC Full Coverage foundation, and finally tried some of their paint pots, and I'm loving them.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item: Due to cold weather, I'm still living in a uniform of jeans/sweater/tee/boots.

    Food: I've discovered that green smoothies are the ultimate energy food.

    Anticipation: I've ordered seven old-fashioned rose bushes and I hope they arrive this week.

    Wishlist: Bare Minerals loose pigments, because I've never used loose pigments and I'm curious.

    1. I am totally on board the Green Smoothie train with you!
      Ramona :)

  6. If there is one thing I make sure I do every day, it is read your blog =) I have found so many wonderful perfumes, music, and books via The Non-Blonde and I thank you!

    Book: 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus- Fascinating and Devastating at the same time.

    Music: OH! I am a HUGE Lanegan fan! Happy to see him mentioned on your blog as I think he deserves more attention and respect for his outstanding body of work. Recently have rediscovered Azam Ali "Portals of Grace" and it is Divine! She is similar to Lanegan in that everything she touches turns golden and transmits unabashed beauty.

    TV: Don't have one- GASP! =0

    Perfume: Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer- Love at first sniff. I have about 2 sprays left in my sample, then I will crack open my bottle! I am feeling very conflicted about tearing the seal.

    Make-Up: Kat Von D Mascara: the ONLY mascara I have found that does not transfer!

    Food: Home made Green Smoothies- tastes great and gives me a BUZZ!

    Guilty Pleasure: Popsicles!

    Bane: Human Violence

    Joy: Good news from my retinal surgeon

    Wish List: For my friends to be happy and healthy.

    Random Thought: Where would we be without people like Wallace Stevens?


  7. Book: The English Girl by Daniel Silva
    Music: Classic Chicago
    TV: Reruns & HGTV
    Perfume: Especially today (St. Patrick's), I'm wearing Fou d'Absinthe by L'artisan Parfumeur
    Makeup: Loving the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure
    Outfit: Black pants with whatever...
    Food: Don't ask-see above
    Guilty Pleasure: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-see above
    Bane: My sinuses
    Joy: The Husband & the pets
    Anticipation: Flowers & ferns on my porch
    Wish list: Good health for me, mine, you, & yours. Also, more superior makeup brushes (working on it).
    Random thought: The legalization of marijuana situation is becoming more interesting...just saying.

  8. BOOK- Longbourne (lives of servants in the Bennet household in Pride and Prejudice)
    MUSIC Disclosure (help me lose my mind) and Rudimental (Powerful)
    TV- Mr Selfridge, Pretty Little liars, One Tree Hill (yes I know old school)
    PERFUME signature scentis DNKY Be delicious
    MAKE UP Bright matt lip colours such as Maybelline superstay cherry pie
    OUTFIT- cashmere scarf yep still cold
    FOOD Bananas
    GUILTY PLEASURE- TOWIE and Macaroons
    BANE being ill
    JOY Meeting friends seeing cute cat pictures online
    ANTICIPATION learning how to use my iphone 5s
    WISH LIST Happy and healthy failing that urban decay naked palette will do!
    Random thought hope people's wishes come true

    Nikki x

  9. BOOK - Broken River by Sam Penny about the possibility of the center of the US destroyed by a giant 7.9 earthquake that breaks the Mississipi and Ohio rivers. And yes, it can happen because it did happen in 1811 and 1812.
    MUSIC - Beethoven 5th Piano Concerto "The Emperor" with a stellar performance by Van Cliburn.
    TV -Don't watch much tv except for reruns of Law and Order, The Five and Under the Gunn
    PERFUME - Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, Guerlain Les Elixirs Charnels Gourmand Cocquin, Jane Booke Taken
    MAKEUP - Dior Airflash, Tom Ford Eyeshadow palettes (all), Bite Beauty lipsticks
    Frequently Worn Outfit - Skinny jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt with oversize sweatshirt, Toms
    FOOD - Hummus, lettuce, rice, toasted almonds in Italian dressing.
    GUILTY PLEASURE -Watching beauty videos on You-Tube for people of a certain age
    BANE - Animal abusers
    JOY - My husband and daughter
    ANTICIPATION -A new Tom Ford eyeshadow palette
    WISHLIST -Clarisonic Mia 2, Kate Spade Spring handbag, a new baby hedgehog to add to my growing brood.
    RANDOM THOUGHT -When did I become so old that the sound of children playing outside is annoying. Crabby old broad. Hubby tells me that I should go out there and play with them and regenerate my spirits.

  10. Food - Craving marzipan. And roasted asparagus has become an almost daily must have.
    Bane of existence - March Madness. ACC tournament just ended, but now it's on to the NCAA. DH's addiction. Sigh.
    Joy - Watching how almost overnight everything in the woods behind our home is starting to bud out - practically hourly changes in some of the underbrush plants. Trying to get in sync with this demonstration of optimism from nature, despite very depressing current weather.
    Reading - Marcus Zusak's The Book Thief
    Skincare - The Best Face Forward oil you wrote about has been making my dry winter skin very happy. Thanks!
    Perfume - SL Fleurs de Citronnier
    Random Thought - Realized today that Simon Schama has been on my list of fantasy dinner guests for over 20 years now. Trying to cheer myself up imagining menus he would enjoy at a party that also would include Tim Gunn, Diane von Furstenburg and J.K. Rowling.
    Also hate that Mars is retrograding till May. Not working for me.

  11. I've been extremely tired of the constant advertising that goes on during Tim Gunn's show and also throughout the last season (at least) of Project Runway. Granted, it was always there, but it has absolutely become more blatant, with the designers joining in to tout the L'Oreal Paris hair salon and the whatever-brand makeup room!

  12. Pink ProvocateurMarch 18, 2014 5:50 PM

    _An Autumn War_ by Daniel Abraham


    Black Sails

    Chanel's 1932 -- I don't care what anyone thinks. I love it.

    Chanel Le Volum mascara. Loads of it.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
    super-long hot pink gauze scarf -- scarf, shawl, head-wrap -- perfect for the south Texas spring

    homemade soups made by the gallon and frozen for quick suppers

    Guilty Pleasure
    I am never guilty about pleasure. But if pressed to name a not-strictly-necessary indulgence, I suppose I'd say a new set of floggers.

    the current occupant of the White House

    my children excelling

    World Cup

    new bedroom ceiling fan

    Random Thought
    I still love _Notting Hill_.

  13. I love reading these and doing my own. Look forward to it. Thank you.

    Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia by Marya Hornbacher As someone who has always been an over-eater, and would rather be an under eater- after reading this I discovered we aren't so different after all.

    Jane Monheit on repeat.

    Bates Motel.

    Un Bois Vanille, Thanks to this blog :)

    Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer.

    Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
    Well made bra.

    Morning star "chicken" burger in a wrap with spinach .. big salad.. Salted caramel mocha coffee creamer every morning.

    Guilty Pleasure


    Listening to my ipod alone.

    Going to UK

    L'air du Desert

    Random Thought
    I want to eat something really naughty but I won't do it.


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