Thursday, March 06, 2014

Find Your Happy Place- The Perfume Edition

I can't remember how many times in the course of this winter I had to pull myself together and try to find my happy place under a 2 feet of snow, weeks without sunshine, and a general feeling that the doldrums were here to eat us all alive. That happy place should have been the Italian Riviera, the Caribbeans, or Disney World (I'm desperate), but since travel didn't happen I had to find it in my perfume cabinets. Here are ten perfumes that have been my happy place lately:

Happy Locations-
Vero Profumo- Kiki. Paris. Lavender, pastry, and black lace.
Heeley Figuier- An Italian honeymoon.
Moynette Paris- My imaginary tropical vacation.

Romantic Gifts That Still Warm My Heart-
Dior- Mitzah
Cartier- So Pretty
JAR- diamond Water

Full Of Sunshine-
Neela Vermeire Creations- Bombay Bling
Aftelier- Secret Garden
Mona di Orio- Jabu

The Husband's Happy Place- the great outdoors:
Anat Fritz- Tzora

What are your Happy Place perfumes?

Photo: Model Coco Rocha by Arthur Elgort for Vogue Japan, August 2008


  1. My original Bronze Goddess makes me think of the beach...thereby making me very happy. But, truly, all those amazing balloons floating on the ceiling of my little den would also do the trick. Here's wishing you all an immediate Spring thaw. Judy

  2. Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger. It smells like spring/summertime sultriness and also reminds me of Paris (the first place I smelled it, and my forever "happy place" no matter the weather).

  3. I usually associate happiness with the scent of summer & sea, Mediterranean herbs, figs, sun-warmed skin, so my latest happy-go-lucky scent is Carthusia – Corallium (like walking through Italian countryside full of cypresses with a hint of sea breeze), Eau des Merveilles by Hermés and Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay.

    I was really underwhelmed by Heeley’s Figuier – I wanted to like it so much but somehow it was all coconut on me (and there is no coconut).

    On a related note - hope the winter's loosening its grip on the US. This year it seems, all winter weather has been a "US exclusive" and nothing left for Europe - sorry for that, I would really appreciate some snow here.

  4. This week, with the temperature gauge stuck firmly below 20F, I've been going crazy for citrus: AG Eau d'Hadrien and Chanel Cristalle EDT in particular, but also AG Ninfeo Mio, Tallulah Jane Misae, and JM Lime Basil & Mandarin. The sunny citrus makes me feel hopeful that there will be an end to this endless-seeming winter.

  5. I can relate to the winter doldrums. Although here in Oregon we only had 2 fairly short blasts of snow/ice, we seem to be stuck in the endless gray and rain loop that admittedly is part of the MO for this part of the Pacific NW, but just seems to suck the life right out of you. So on with the Happy Sun Lamp (it really is called that) and Fleurs D'Oranger and I can almost see summer around the corner.

  6. I definitely use perfumes for happier time/space travel. Am craving an Italy trip and with Andy's Noontide Petals I'm in Venice, with MdO's Nuit Noire I'm in Rome and her Oiro and FM Bigarade Concentree have me somewhere in a sunny garden in the south. DSH Amouse Bouche and SL Rahat Loukoum send me back to childhood summer visits to Sweden and SL Arabie is also about childhood and wonderful markets. L'A Orchidee Blanche, SL La Myrrhe and Guerlain PQJ are direct olfactory flights to Paris and SL Cuir Mauresque translates as Madrid. Diorling, Mitsouko and Ma Griffe always comfort me because they were amoung my father's favorite perfumes and we bonded over our mutual passion for perfumes and fashion (not something my mother shared with us). Mandy's Tango, Prive and Cassis are my cats' (who all have excellent taste) favorites and whatever makes them happy, makes me happy. And, of course, a stockpile of citrus and jasmine scents to remind me that there are still warm places on this planet and summer *will* return...right?

  7. I'm a winter contrarian, and am enjoying our frigid, snowy yet sunny Southern Indiana winter - it's usually cloudy. I've been trying and wearing vintage Avons, some reviewed on this site and some found while searching for The Non-Blonde's recommendation. I've really enjoyed Timeless Imperial Garden as cold weather perfumes. I also like Paloma Picasso on the cold air puffing out of my down coat as I race off to work at the last minute in the 5 degree weather. From the haute monde, I sampled some Silver Iris and "warmed" to it, although it first did seem too carrot-like.

    Thanks for the great reporting!


    1. Oops, make that "haut monde."



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