Monday, March 31, 2014

René Gruau Illustrations

The Legendary illustrator René Gruau passed away ten years ago today. His work is familiar to anyone who loves vintage perfume ads: Gruau created some of Dior's most iconic imagery (no, not topless Natalie Portman). Gruau he also worked throughout his long career with other fashion and perfume brands (Fath, Blamain, Rochas), illustrated countless of fashion editorials, magazine covers, and cosmetics ads, all graceful and elegant.

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  1. Wow these are amazing! Rather beats the typical photographic ads that we see in magazines today.

  2. Beautiful little gallery...THANKS, Judy

  3. Thanks for these!! Love his work - such brilliant elegance and glamor. Would really like to have some of his work blown up and framed as art for our home - especially the Diors. Just went and put on some Dior-Dior in honor of that fantastic illustration.

  4. I remember seeing in an art gallery in Chicago, Gruau's artwork for sale. They were lithographies that costed around 3000 $.... It was 1993 and I was a penniless student from Madrid... of course I could not buy them back them, but I have always dreamed of buying one.

  5. thanks for the visual feast. you can really see him in all of them.


  6. The clothing and art blow my mind. Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! One of my favorite types of art.

  7. His was just about my favourite art within the world of fashion. There is and was no one like R. Gruau. My pick is the one where a man holds a gigantic bouquet of fanciful flowers wrapped in white paper; one sees only his chest, legs, and feet. I believe it was the advert for Miss Dior.

  8. Loved looking through this compilation! These are my favourite kinds of ads and seeing them makes me wish we still had similar styles today for ad illustrations.


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