Friday, March 21, 2014

Laura Mercier Summer 2014 New Attitude Collection

The Summer 2014 makeup collection from Laura Mercier is called New Attitude, and like several of the most recent Laura Mercier looks it features bold colors that go against the brand's typecast. The photos featuring the look (see the one above) have a cool 70s vibe. A bit retro, a touch of Lucy Ewing, it's very summery.  As a matter of fact, Laura Mercier always knew how to do colors like teal. Just go back to my reviews of Satinée Crème Eye Colour in Teal Cashmere (2009), Black Turquoise Kohl Pencil (2011), or Turquoise Caviar Stick Eye Colour (2012). New Attitude offers mostly new limited edition colors with only two repromotes (Faux Lash Mascara in black and Longwear Crème Eye Pencil in Violet). Here are the new colors:

Baked Eye Colour Quad - Rendezvous in Monte Carlo, $44

Baked Eye Colour Quad - Summer in St. Tropez, $44

Gel Lip Colour - Clementine, $23

Gel Lip Colour - Flushed, $23

Gel Lip Colour - Heartbreaker, $23

Gel Lip Colour - Temptation, $23

Longwear Creme Eye Pencil - Teal, $24

Nail Lacquer - Attitude, $18

Nail Lacquer - Reckless, $18

Sheer Creme Colour - Golden Pink, $35
The collection will appear at Laura Mercier counters and online in early April. I hope to have some swatches and reviews for you in the next couple of weeks.

What do you think? Which of these colors call your name?


  1. I like the Heartbreaker lipstick and the Attitude nail polish! Thanks for the news flash.

  2. Something about the Summer in St. Tropez eye quad speaks to me. I have been wanting to wear green(ish) shadow for a couple of months, and this looks like it could be what I need. Look forward to your swatch photos. Also need to refresh how to use those baked shadows. Thanks, Judy

  3. Summer in St. Tropez quad. Clementine lippy is nice too.

  4. So, so, so sick of brights--utterly overdone. Bleh.

  5. That gel lip color in Flushed looks like such a pretty nude!

  6. At 56 with brunette coloring I don't think I could pull off those bright eyeshadows, though the colors are beautiful. I'd go for Heartbreaker lipstick and the Teal eye pencil, though. The blush looks very pretty.

  7. I LOVE LM's baked color quads, she does do teals quite well. I'm also a big fan of the baked color Lagoon, blends beautifully with bronzes or chocolate browns to really give 'pop' to brown eyes. The color quad in St. Tropez has my name all over it.
    The gel color in Clementine looks spectacular, have you tried a swatch?

  8. The St. Tropez quad looks lovely but I need help wearing it. I can't imagine how to wear those colors so that it looks good and not as if I'm trying to be a bird of paradise!

  9. I'm having a hankering for a minty shadow and I always love reddish coppers with my blue eyes, St Tropez is calling my name!

  10. I'm very excited to see the Gel lipsticks again...I'll definitely have to get the new colors. One of my all-time favorite formulas! The Clementine is pretty - I have it from the last promotion of this lipstick.

  11. Woohoo Clementine is back! I regret not purchasing that one the first time around.

  12. I'm such a lipstick junkie! I ordered temptation, it's gorgeous! Now I'm gonna need the rest. They are very sheer similar to the gloss sticks. Goes on sheer and smooth not sure about staying time yet haven't tested it. the only thing I can compare the color to is Marc Jacobs 130 little pretty without the sparkle.


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