Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My Current Top 10 Red Lipsticks

This might indicate a problem. But I do love red lipsticks and glosses, and I wear them often. I tried to marrow the list down to the products that constantly go from the  dresser to my handbags, and only included ones that are still available (I have several other favorites that were limited editions, but there's no point including them here). There's no particular order, but all are much loved and used (and repurchased):

*Press Sample.

What are your favorite reds these days?


  1. Gorgeous picks! My favorite bright red is Rouge d'Armani 400 - have you tried it? Great color & great formula.

  2. Wonderful list! And several on there I have yet to try - which I look forward to remedying. Thanks! Can't say I've been exactly consistent with wearing makeup over the years (although I've been trying to change this recently), but since I was a teen I've *never* left the house without lipstick and mascara and the one color I've relied on most over the years for my lips is red. To me, it's the easiest of colors to wear - a perfect neutral that I can make work with any outfit and for any occasion depending on the shade of red and how much I apply. And it's a color that simply makes me happy.

  3. I'm guilty of collecting red lipsticks and I love them all. I am thinking that I "need" that Ellis Faas one! I'll enjoy wearing yet another red.

  4. I really like the one I'm wearing today...Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Cranberry. I agree with Ms. Evelyn about the Ellis Faas L401. It's on my short list. Judy

  5. I adore Model Co.'s Party Proof Matte Lipstick in "Red Velvet." I'm really fair, and leaning towards a cooler skin tone, and this is the first red that felt like "me" and the formula is great. Usually, I can't keep lipstick on to save my life (but where does it do?) but this is vibrant, then wears almost like a stain. So pretty.

  6. i adore Ellis Faas L101 and 201 and am very intrigued by 401. i've tried searching for comparisons, between those two and 401, but i can't find any. besides finish and formula, can you speak to how the color of 401 compares to 101 or 201?

    i would be eternally grateful :)

    1. I join the request!!! ;)
      Thank you!

  7. Oooh, I love red lipsticks, Gaia. Thank you for introducing me to some more variations on a wonderful theme. My go tos are Nars Red Lizard, but only during the summer as the semi-matt finish dries on my lips too quickly during the dry winter months. On cold days I go for Bobbi Brown Red. Both of these are orangey, fire engine reds that seem to go well with my Asian skin.

  8. Red lipstick is my weakness! I'm currently all about the By Terry Rouge Terrybly formula!

    Shani x


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