Thursday, March 06, 2014

Eco Tools Concealer Brush

Here's a brilliant cheap thrill: Eco Tools Concealer Brush. I use fluffy concealer brushes all the time, and obviously not just for concealing. They're the perfect tools for cream eye shadows, blending cream and liquid products, foundation touch-ups, precision face work, and cleanup. The rounder and softer brushes are ideal for use under the eyes, where you need to be careful and not irritate the delicate skin, while blending meticulously. My fluffy concealer brushes are in constant use (the Sephora one you see below, #57, never stays clean. I should probably get a backup).

Eco Tools concealer brush is a medium-to-large size, has a round head, and features very soft and quite fluffy talkon bristles and a bamboo handle. This is one of the softest brushes in its category, and is perfect for use around the eyes or when concealing around a red nose. It's also great for many cream eye shadows, though not with Chanel Illusion d'Ombre that have a grittier texture and benefit from patting motions instead of circle blending.

For comparison you can see that the Eco Tools brush is considerably smaller than the Sephora one, but bigger and rounder than another favorite concealer brush, Stila #33 (it's a double sided brush. The other end is used for foundation). Obviously you can't do pinpoint concealing or smudge eyeliner with this Eco Tools brush, but it does just about anything else. It's a great brush,  even if it takes quite a bit of work to wash it and bring it back to a pristine state (an oil cleanser is your friend here). My first one lost quite a bit of hair, though, but subsequent purchases lasted much longer.

Bottom Line: worth getting three.

Eco Tools Concealer Brush ($3.99) is available at Ulta, and many other locations.


  1. What great timing, Gaia! I was watching a Wayne Goss (my new obsession!) you tube video last night and he showed how to apply concealor using a brush very similar to the Ecco one you have reviewed. It will be great for his technique! Thanks! Off to Ulta!

  2. Thanks ... I asked for affordable brushes last week and you offered the one "cheap thrill" brush I most require. As a fourty-something, concealer is my truest friend!


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