Monday, March 10, 2014

Want: Vintage Jewelry Via The House Of Lavande

Before The House Of Lavande launched their own jewelry collection in 2012 they were known as dealers in high-end vintage jewelry (I will not use the word "curators", I promise).  They still locate and sell gorgeous older pieces, some signed by designers, others-- like the Victorian necklace above-- from unknown makers. I adore and collect vintage jewelry, and can spend half a day browsing their site and admiring the baubles. Of course, you pay a premium when someone else is scouring flea markets and estate sales for you, so don't expect any bargains among these treasures.  Right now I'm coveting this brass necklace. $548,


  1. If I didn't adore you already, I would now - for your restraint in not going down the "curator" road. Thank you for having high linguistic and aesthetic standards. And that necklace is indeed beautiful.

  2. "(I will not use the word "curators", I promise)" Ha! I see I'm not the only one horrified by what has become of this word and concept. Thanks for avoiding it. :)

  3. Have you ever visited Deco Jewels on Thompson Street in NYC? They have a fabulous collection of vintage costume jewelry (and not just Deco, although that's my weakness). Not cheap, but they only sell the gooooood stuff.

  4. That is a beautiful necklace but so out of budget. I can enjoy it from afar at least! :)


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