Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Surratt- Lipslique 16 Oh L'Amour

Surratt  Lipslique in 16 Oh L'Amour has been my most worn lip color in the few weeks since I got it, and you know that it's not exactly for lack of options. It's the combination of a terrific color and a unique formula that make Oh L'Amour such a great choice.

 The formula of Surratt Lipslique looks gel-like in the applicator but it's actually almost waxy with very little slip. Doesn't sound all that impressive, I know, but when you  apply it to the lips you get a very pleasant and comfortable feel, even if the lipstick doesn't glide the way you expect it. The sensation is balm-like, which I like very much. Oh L'Amour is beautifully pigmented, and its  texture allows you to sheer it down to a stain if so desired, or build it (two coats with a brush) to bombshell levels.

I love this kind of true red, especially when you can wear it during the day. The stain lasts after a snack and doesn't budge or move anywhere, even without a lip liner. I think that this is what I hoped to get from various Marc Jacobs  lipsticks that appeared to have a similar gel finish but really lacked in quality. Makeup artist Troy Surratt has definitely delivered with this one. My one gripe is the applicator. It's another one of those non-retracting mechanism, which means that you must remember never to twist the lipstick beyond the level you see above or you'll squish it into the cap (which of course I already did. Twice).

Bottom Line: I may have ordered a second color already.

Surratt- Lipslique 16 Oh L'Amour ($34) is exclusive to Barneys.


  1. I'm saving up to go for a full face "makeover" at the Surratt counter, and this one is on my list to try, thanks!

    Shani x

  2. Read this and went immediately to Barneys site to order this color. Don't really need an excuse for this perfect sounding of a red lip color, but we did have a terrible ice storm today, so am having no budget guilt. So little, in fact, that I also ordered Rubis and, even though I know that Paramour (a sheer peach) and Ladybug (a coral) are not always colors that work for me, they feel like spring and the equinox *is* Thursday and to celebrate it, I may order one of these on Thursday. More than most years, I feel I need to make some sort of tangible offering of gratitude to the official start of spring this year.


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