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Surratt- Artistique Blush - 3: La Vie En Rose

Surratt is a new line by makeup artist Troy Surratt. It was launched late last year at Barneys, and I've been ogling several of the items right away because I'm always intrigued by brands from makeup artists. They tend to be both creative and practical, with less emphasis on Lauderesque packaging and more about having fun with color. Surratt definitely seems to work along these lines. The problem is Barneys. I've kvetched about the changes at the NYC flagship store before and I'll continue to do so until someone there finally gets it. Pushy and aggressive SAs have no chance selling me anything. Invading my personal space, telling me to use more concealer under my eyes, lying about what's new, grabbing my arm-- it doesn't work. I glare at them, use my mean teacher voice, then  go home and shop online (preferably not at Unfortunately, Surratt is not only a Barneys exclusive (Dear Troy, please build your own e-commerce site), but the photos on Barney's website are even more atrocious than average.

But my curiosity and love of new makeup got the best of me and I ordered several items (all are made in Japan, by the way). Artistique Blush - 3: La Vie En Rose is the first one I want to show you. While the plastic packaging looks cheap and particularly unappealing (they want you to stick the pans in a larger palette), the actual blush? It's made of awesome.

The texture of Surratt Artistique Blush is a unicorn: a powder that feels like a cream. It's soft, smooth, and despite my extensive experimenting and sticking all kinds of blush brushes (as well as my fingers) in the pan there's no powdery mess. There's no shimmer, glimmer, or any sheen, but the texture stops this Surratt blush from looking dull or too matte. It simly looks like skin.

 The color I chose, 3: La Vie En Rose, was probably the safest in the line. since I was ordering based on (bad) online photos, I went wit a muted dusty rose that doesn't trigger my fear of over-blushing. It was a great choice, though, because it's an effortless everyday blush that looks natural. It can be built, of course, and quite seamlessly because the texture is so refined, but I swatched above at the lightest level, with a fluffy  Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Blush, just as I would use it on my face.  A Hakuhodo 201 picks a lot more product and would give you more punch, as does the smallest Yachiyo, but for a dip, blend, and go, a soft brush works best (the Hakuhodo S103 in the first photo is too soft for this blush, even though it's made of goat hair and not squirrel).

I already have my eye on some of the bolder colors, but I have to tell you that 20 or 25 years ago when I only had one blush for everyday use, Surratt La Vie En Rose would have probably been my one and only.

Bottom Line: even a Barneys shopping experience can't ruin this beauty.

Surratt- Artistique Blush - 3: La Vie En Rose ($32) is available from Barneys, online and in store.


  1. Gaia, I hit the counter and then run at some off hour so I can stick my fingers in all the testers in peace! :) ALso wearing headphones with my growl face seems to deter anyone from talking to me, too.

    That's a beautiful blush. They have several great products in the line and its something I'm hoping to explore further in the future.

  2. Totally agree with you about Barneys. They are so obnoxious. They accost you when you are half way down the stairs at the SF store. I just try to know exactly what I am going to get, keep my head down and go to the counter I am interested in. The Beauty Professor blog got color swatches of everything in the Surratt line if you want to look at the colors before buying online. The powder in luminous is to die for although I hate the delivery system. I wish it were just a regular pot of loose powder. The smoky eye baton in Cendres is great too as are some of the lippies. I didn't really look at the blushed yet but after your review I will muster up my defensive stance and go back to the counter for another look The brow gel was disappointing.

  3. hah! I have heard your "mean teacher" voice. Good for you! That blush looks lovely, btw.

  4. I must get this blush! Now to decide on a color . . .
    I have taken to calling the Chicago store rather than placing an order online. Elizabeth was particularly helpful and didn't try to sell me more than I asked about.
    I ordered the finishing powder in eclatant and I love it. It doesn't look powdery, is finely milled, and sets my make up well. I was less impressed with the lipgloss I tried ( a bit too tacky for my taste).

  5. So what does a mean teacher sound like? While I haven't had that pushy experience at Barney's in SF (maybe because I have my favorite SA that I work with and I usually give him a call before I come in) I have had that experience in other stores. Usually though, I have the other problem of SAs looking at me and then just ignoring me as if I don't exist.
    This does look like a line I want to check out and explore. Thanks for posting this as I was unaware of this line.

  6. Surratt counter in Barney's on Madison has a very sweet and talented woman named Joey working the counter. She was low key and a breath of fresh air!

  7. I also loathe shopping at Barneys because so few of the SAs are actually specialized in any of the brands, and are just floaters. I want someone with brand expertise guiding me in my selections, not someone who works in the hair department half the days of the week!

    I've been dying to try more of this line (I have the autographique liner and it's amazing and one of the lip pencils), and one day I will head over there to see more in person. But first I have to muster the courage.

    Shani x


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