Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29

Sephora has always offered some of the best designed makeup brushes that also gave a good value/money ratio. In my collection there are some old Sephora brushes from every incarnation of their line, back to the time they were still made in France. with few exceptions, these brushes are still pretty good even after more than a decade of using and washing. This is why I've been slowly buying brushes from the newly redesigned Sephora Pro line.

The Precision Smudge Brush #29 is actually closer in size to classic pencil brushes than to smudge brushes. You can see it next to MAC 219 and the old NARS #14, and it's certainly related to them. The smaller size makes the Sephora brush, indeed, better suited for smudging above or below the lash line, and the blend of goat and pony hair makes it a firm yet smooth and soft brush. It's decidedly softer than the one from NARS (do take note that NARS is in the process of overhauling their brush range, so the new Precision Contour brush is likely to be much better).

I find the new Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29 to be an excellent tool: it works well on the outer v, it smudges shadow and liner where you need it and diffuses the colors nicely. The brush feels sturdy and well-balanced in my hand, and has a certain elegant pro look. For the price, I think it's a great find.

Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29 ($18) is available at Sephora in store and online.


  1. Your review is very helpful to me , I'm willing to by either the Sephora one or the Mac one. Which one holds shape and softness best after years of use and cleaning in your experience? I can't decide, specially that mac219 is double the price of Sephora pro#29 where I live

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