Monday, March 24, 2014

Want: Pierre Hardy Wedge Sandals

I have several pairs of wedge sandals ranging from high to sky-high. Most of them are reasonably comfortable, but I do think I could use a slightly more moderate version, and this 3 inches tri-color Pierre Hardy wedges are almost perfect and could have been my go-to pair all summer long.  My only hesitation is the thick ankle strap that sits pretty high. It can be tricky for someone my height as it cuts the leg short instead of elongating it. A more dainty strap would have been preferred. $775 on net-a-porter.


  1. Hmm, beautiful architectural sandal. I'm short, too, and think it could work because the ankle strap is very wide and skin toned. I think the eye would be drawn to the white strap and may skim over the ankle part. Would be lengthening from the back view for sure. Would have to try it on to know!

  2. So very pretty. I agree with you, with legs like mine I'd need a thinner strap otherwise it looks like I have manacles on my legs.


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