Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sage Machado- Diamond

Diamond is the much-anticipated new release from Sage Machado. It's been years since the perfumer and jewelry designer has launched a new fragrance, and apparently took her that long to create the very particular representation of a diamond she was seeking. The result is all about a very fluid musk.

Diamond is a musk oil, but not the the 70s style hairy chest thing. Instead, this is a modern take on a clean musk. Not laundry musk, but an aquatic, marine one. The shiny facets of the diamond are these glistening droplets of rain water on a clean window, splashing in a puddle on the sidewalk, breaking into a rainbow of colors. But if you think of a diamond as this hard material, this isn't it. Instead, Sage Machado's Diamond has a softness to it-- that fluidity, more like the surface of an uncut diamond.

An aquatic musk is not going to be to everyone's taste. The first time I tried it on skin I wasn't so sure it was to my taste, either. But it's the warmth of the perfume on skin and the way it develops that caught my attention: smooth, unsweetened, perhaps a little salty, somewhat ink-like, the clean air of a clean beach somewhere that has not seen pollution yet. It made me think of a smooth white pebble, warmed by the sun of countless summer days. You can practically feel the sun when holding it in your hand.  In the end of this never-ending winter this serves as a comforting thought and a comforting scent.

Diamond stays relatively close to the skin and survives for 24 hours easily as it hangs between skin and heavy sweaters. It's probably more of a summer musk than a thick wintery one, at least as far as my taste goes. I'd also say that it's a safe choice for most environments, and I've worn it when working out without stinking up my surroundings. Then again, I exercise at home, so I don't experiment on innocent gym-goers. It's worth a try if you're a musk fan, and also if you're not. I can assure you that I've not converted to beachy scents, but I did enjoy the ride very much.

Notes: Indian sandalwood, white amber, oceanic musk, rain dew accord.

Sage Machado- Diamond ($45, 1/8 oz perfume oil) is available from thesagelifestyle.com. This review is based on a press sample.

Top photo: Irving Penn, Faucet Dripping Diamonds, 1963.


  1. I normally have just about the same level of instinctive avoidance and cringe response for aquatic notes in perfume as I do for cockroaches (OK, minus the intense, irrational terror I also have for the latter). However, I also have an instinctive and very profound admiration for anyone who waits as long as she has to put out a new perfume, has put so much thought into it and who has kept her prices so low - this all overrides my feelings about aquatic notes. I also do love musk and can definitely appreciate salty notes, so am actually fairly hopeful about Diamond and look forward to sampling it.

  2. On trust and based on the existing beautiful wardrobe of fragrances, (in my noses opinion)- I bought the new scent just because. It is both magical and fresh, warm and light- however long lasting on the skin. I smiled as the first day I wore it I got three compliments from co workers on it. Another winner.

  3. I adore Diamond! To my nose, it's the perfect skin scent musk - it kind of reminds me of the original Skin Musk. Is my memory playing tricks on me? I can't compare now, as my daughter loved Diamond too, and it now resides at her apartment.


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