Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ellis Red By Ellis Faas: Comparison Swatches

Several readers requested to see swatches comparing  variations of Ellis Red-- the blood red color used by Ellis Faas in different formulas. The ones I currently have are L101 (Creamy Lips), L201 (Milky Lips), and the new L401 (Hot Lips).  While all three are clearly the same color, Milky Lips is a lighter and sheerer formula (though not as glossy as Glazed Lips, which I don't have right now). Creamy Lips and Hot Lips are somewhat closer, but L401 is completely and utterly opaque, and dries down matte (hard to see with a flash photo, I know).

I love all three and use them a lot. L201 may be easier to wear, since it's a light formula, and is the one I'd recommend for those still struggling with applying red lipsticks. Hot Lips is a brilliant product, though, because you only need a drop, get a full coverage and unbelievable longevity, and your lips end up feeling wonderful. Creamy Lips L101 is a classic creme red lipstick, with a beautiful finish.

Ellis Faas lipsticks ($35 each) are available from Sephora (online), SpaceNK and ellisfaas.com. The first two were purchased by me (repurchases, actually, as I've used up several of them), while L401 is a press sample.

Top photo: Ellis Faas for V Magazine by Guido Mocafico.


  1. you are the queen of the world! thanks, thanks, and ever thanks! so very helpful and just what i hoped for. (*off to plot and consider... L401... )

  2. I have several Ellis Faas lip sticks - love them. Strangely the original L101 is my least favourite and I barely use it - it pulls very rusty on my skin tone. In any case lovely products as you say.

  3. Oh, wonderful! Got L401 after you posted about it back in December. Pure joy to wear. Now realize my universe will not be complete till I also have L201.

  4. I'd never heard of Ellis Faas until reading about the products/makeup artist from your blog (thank you!).
    I love (adore) her lipsticks, I have several, including 101, 102, 201, 202 & 203. 102 is simply the most amazing red I've ever tried-colors and textures are stellar.

  5. Thank you so much for the comparisons!
    I thought the L401 would be much brighter and orange than it actually is, or at least I thought it would be very different from L201. Eventually, it seems it is just different enough to justify owning both!!!
    L201 must be my favorite red lipstick of all times - for some reason I don't like L101 half as much.
    The milky lips are really great for those who are not used to wearing bold lips, though they don't always fade well trough the day.
    I think I must have the hot L401... ;)
    Thank you!!!


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