Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Agraria Golden Cassis Woven Crystal Candle

You can see that the candle above, Agraria Golden Cassis, has seen a lot of use since we got it a couple of weeks ago. I've always been very fond of Agraria products, but I admit that since my relationship with cassis can be described as "complicated", I might have skipped this one (the newest scent from the brand) and missed on a truly satisfying home fragrance that lives up to the promise of being "golden" and doesn't annoy the husband with excessive fruitiness (he actually really likes this scent).

The first whiff of Golden Cassis is round, fruity, and luscious. No surprises, expect that the berries don't smell very "red"; they give an impression of yellow and orange fruit, just sweet and juicy enough but with a pleasant tartness. Later on, as the candle burns and projects, the scent gains an ambery-floral quality. Again, the feeling is of yellow and gold, and while there's no mention of it in the official note list, I could have sworn that I get a ghost of mimosa.

I mentioned projection, and as is usually the case with Agraria candles, their throw is impressive and I can smell the golden leafy-fruity aroma all over the house. Burn time is excellent:- they promise 40 hours from the 7 oz. size, but I'm pretty sure this candle has already passed this mark. Presentation is also beautiful: a decorative patterned crystal glass in a beautiful and sturdy box, and a silver-plated lid. Obviously, this is geared toward the gift market, but a good candle is such a treat for oneself, and this is a very gratifying splurge.

Notes: orange, berries, cassis, rose, jasmine, lily, galbanum, sandalwood, amber, white musk.

Agraria's Golden Cassis candles come in two sizes. The one above is the 7 oz Woven Crystal ($55), and there's a smaller option, the 3.4 oz Crystal cane ($35). Available at select department stores and directly from The product for this review was sent for consideration by the company's PR.

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  1. Glad to see your review of this one. I buy all my Agraria products online, so I tend to stick to the tried and true or scents that I feel very sure I'll love - this would not have been one of those, but now I'm thinking it will be a perfect warming scent for the fall.
    Very cute lion - sweet, friendly looking face. Matches the candle nicely - good energy for the house. :-)


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