Monday, October 27, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

I already told you how a couple of months ago I shattered my beloved Hourglass Mood Exposure blush. Since then I've playing with other blushes in that color ballpark, you know: brown plums, mauve browns, and such (and have completely fallen in love with a MAC one, of all things). I still missed my Ambient Light Mood Exposure, though. I waited with my repurchase until Hourglass released this palette, because it includes not just Mood Exposure, but also Luminous Flush (which I didn't own before), and a new limited edition color: Incandescent Electra (the one in the middle). The more blush the better.

Each pan within the palette is smaller than the full size single Hourglass blushes and contains 11 grams of product (compare to 15 gr in the regular size). Still, it's more than enough product, and the pans are wide enough for comfortable use with any blush brush. It's also a great way to mix two colors together, if that's your thing. I haven't so far, simply because I was thrilled to have my Mood Exposure back. But Incandescent Electra (see below) can actually use a boost from any of the other colors.

You see? Incandescent Electra is more highlighter than blush

Luminous Flush is a glowy rose, while Incandescent Electra is a gentle (not too orange) very light peach. The latter is more of a highlighter for me, probably because the particular pan I have (each one is slightly different) has a high ratio of the beige illuminator to the actual blush, and I don't even mind too much. It's pretty as it is.  The colors  are flattering, reasonably pigmented (yes, even Incandescent Electra in its own highlightery way), and have that pretty effect of all Ambient Lighting products. As with the rest of the range, it's obviously not a good match if you insist on all matte face products, but fans of the subtle shimmer and lit-from-within effect will be happy with the palette.

Bottom Line: Good value, I could use a different color than Electra, though.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette $58 is available from Sephora.


  1. I really like the Incandescent Electra on me. I have darker skin, and this color made it glow as if from within !

  2. i ordered this and i really hope my electra has more blush than highlighter, but it still looks stunning.

  3. Can't wait to order this! My s.ister loves this stuff and it truly glows so subtle yet beautifully too.

  4. If all three pans were in the lighter arena like Electra, I'd go for it. My paleness dictates my purchases, no matter how bad my heart wants it.


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