Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NARS Holiday 2014- Almería Blush & Burning Love Lip Gloss

NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection, Laced With Edge, comes in a special decorated packaging that makes it a little more special (and collectible, if you're into that sort of thing). The modern lace pattern translated better on larger surfaces, such as a blush compact, than it does on the cap of a lip gloss, but it's still unique enough (and helps locate the right gloss quickly). But we're here to talk about the actual colors of these NARS products.

My choice from the Laced With Edge Collection were Almería blush and  Burning Love lip gloss. The blush, described by NARS as "tan rose" has a distinct reddish undertone and a fall vibe. The finish is matte(ish. No shimmer, but the way it sits on skin imparts a certain satin look). Typically to NARS, the blush is very pigmented, the texture soft and blendable, making this pretty blush highly covetable (it's sold out on the NARS website, but still available everywhere else, including Sephora online).

NARS did an excellent job reformulating their lip glosses. They toned down the smell (it's very lightly scented, but no longer smells like molten plastic), made the glosses even less sticky, and they keep adding gorgeous colors. Burning Love is a limited edition ( as is Almeria blush), a cranberry-like color (I think NARS called it a "bright ruby") that's supposed to have a very subtle shimmer, which you can sort of see in the tube, but becomes a smooth sheen on the lips. Longevity and wear are typical to NARS lip glosses, which means reasonable but requires re-applying (the tube lives permanently in my purse these days).

Bottom Line: yes, please.

NARS Holiday 2014- Almería Blush  ($30) & Burning Love Lip Gloss ($26) are available from Sephora and all the other usual suspects. These two products are limited editions and will probably sell out long before the holidays. Both items were sent to me by the company.

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  1. oh.my.goodness! I know what's going on my VIB wishlist....


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