Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Julia Roberts- Quote Of The Day

Today is Julia Roberts' 47th birthday. I guess this is why UK You magazine decided to release these quotes from an upcoming interview with the actress (and Lancome ambassador):

By Hollywood standards, I guess I’ve already taken a big risk in not having had a face-lift. I’ve told Lancome that I want to be an aging model. They have to keep me for at least five more years until I’m over 50.”
The problem with this quote is not Julia Roberts, of course, but the way Lancome is dealing with "having to keep her". They promised to pay her, but apparently there's no obligation to keep Julia Roberts looking like herself:

Julia (and us) deserve better than this photoshop-fest.


  1. The irony of it all is the top picture makes me think she looks amazing for her age and wonder what she uses, whilst the lancome ads make me think of photoshop and nothing else.

  2. Still have issues with Lancome for having dropped Isabella Rossellini for being too old when she was 40. Depressing.

  3. She looks great without photoshop, in my opinion. I have always liked the fact that her face has a lot of character and she does not look generic. A really good movie with Julia looking natural is 'August: Osage County' with Meryl Streep. The actors are phenomenal in that movie. I couldn't imagine her giving stellar performances with her face frozen and altered from cosmetic procedures like Botox, etc.

  4. Agree, and most of the photoshopped ads leaver her looking more like Elle Macpherson.

  5. Julia has such a big personality--almost as big as her dazzling smile that radiates warmth and good humor. She's always struck me, though, as a bit of a tomboy albeit a gorgeous one. I'd never associate her with elegance and sophistication nor would I peg her as wistful and romantic. Consequently, some of the ads Lancôme has put her in seem off and the TV adverts seem particularly awkward. She looks like she's playing dress up when she'd really rather be out climbing a tree with her kids! I think Lancôme could use her wholesome beauty to much better effect.

    In regards to the aging gracefully rhetoric, I find it disingenuous when stars like Julia and Kate Winslet (of the Lancôme photoshop brouhaha awhile back) make quite a to do about aging gracefully and not succumbing to pressure from Hollywood to undergo cosmetic procedures all the while permitting Lancôme to photoshop them beyond belief--and, in Kate's case, beyond recognition. It's easy to blame Lancôme, but stars like Julia and Kate have significant control over how their image is used and so I can only assume the excessive photoshopping is OK by them. It strikes me as being hypocritical.

    I'm waiting to see Helen Mirren's L'Oréal Paris ads. In one of the pictures I saw, she looks, smart, sexy, and sassy. And, lo-and-behold, you can see her wrinkles! Yes, winkles! But who cares when you see her mischievous smile and that sparkle in her eyes. Certainly, she takes excellent care of herself and has probably had a bit of "work" done, but she looks like a woman who is comfortable in her skin and who embraces her age (she's 69) rather than bemoaning it. Let's hope whoever is in charge of Helen's campaign is smart enough to keep the photoshop elves in line.


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