Friday, October 10, 2014

Snuggly Sweater Perfumes

Sonia Rykiel advertising campaign photograph by Dominica Issermann, Autumn-Winter 1980 collection

Our furnace died the other day. It was not much of a surprise, as it was original to the house, which is just slightly younger than us. Still, the space heaters are making a guest appearance in the early hours until the new one is installed, and we're wearing various sweaters (and cat-proof hoodies) inside at night. It made me think about "sweater perfumes", a beloved fall and winter category.

Years ago, Luckyscent had two perfumes by Cristiano Fissore, Cashmere for Men and Cashmere for Women (now discontinued, I think). I was unimpressed with the latter and anosmic to the former, so they're off the list. Then there's Sonia Rykiel Le Parfum (discontinued, of course) the original "black cashmere sweater perfume" that was composed for this very purpose. And, of course, the most famous cashmere fragrances are those by Donna Karan: the soapy musk of the original Cashmere Mist, its various flankers (I actually like the Luxe EDP limited edition), and my favorite, Black Cashmere. But these are all obvious choices. I decided to dig a bit deeper and come up with a list of fuzzy sweater perfumes:

* First; a combination: layering Serge Lutens Rousse, Louve, and Clair de Musc is delightful, warm, and thick like a favorite shawl.

* Guerlain Angelique Noire. I can't even explain this one, but I tend to reach for it when I wear a particular fuchsia colored cashmere cardigan.

* Another Angelique, this time Creed Angelique Encens. This one is mysterious and slightly elusive, and smells as expensive as it actually is.

* Ineke- Field Notes From Paris. Maybe it's a Pavlovian thing. A Paris sunset, a jacket, and this coffee and leather perfume.

*  Nez a Nez- Marron Chic. I think this little gem might be discontinued, Labdanum and Iris. Need I say more?

* Parfumerie Generale- Felanilla. Kitten paws in perfume. Fuzzy and snuggly, highly recommended for when you're not alone.

* Dorissima- Goldmund. This semi-forgotten gem is an opulent floriental. It hits a similar spot as the classic Sonia Rykiel I mentioned above (and is even harder to find, but completely worth it).

Bonus three chosen by the Husband, for whom a "cashmere sweater perfume" is also one that clings to said sweater and becomes part of both skin and wool (and usually can't be washed off). He considers Guerlain Songe d'Une Boise d'Ete just the thing (summer? what summer). The animalic part of Parfumerie Generale Cuir d'Iris speaks to him in a similar way. And the last one is Tom Ford Private Blend Italian Cypress. It's funny since I consider it a perfect cooling summer perfume, and the Husband perceives it as cozy.


  1. Interesting how different people perceive different fragrances (re: the Husband).
    I know it's cool to scoff at "Department store" fragrances, but Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is my new sweater fragrance. It's so cosy and yummy and uplifting and interesting at the same time.

  2. Great list! And am so glad to see you mentioned Goldmund. Totally adore it and it's one of the ones I'm very glad I stockpiled - the last ones I got, however, I had to call the spa in Germany to get (also wanted to try their bath oil and Aphrodite body oil - both nice, but not amazing) and ended up sending the money via cash (risky, but easy and, so far, has always worked for me) or Western Union - can't remember which now, but I know it wasn't a bank transfer, which I hate. A few other sweater scents I've been turning to recently are Lea Extreme, MdO's Musc and Habanita.
    Hope your new furnace gets installed soon!

  3. yummy list. i would add paloma picasso edp, balmain la mome, and agent provocateur maitresse to the sweater list, along with ambre russe and bois des iles. oh heck, and let's add bel ami, egoiste, derby and creed irisia while we're thinking about it. and acqua di parma profumo.


  4. Hermes Ambre des Merveilles is one of my favorite snuggly scents this time of year, as is Coco.

  5. My favorites are: SL's Un Bois Vanille, MKK, Daim Blonde, Theorema by Fendi, Bal a Versailles (vintage), Samsara perfume by Guerlain and Casmir by Chopard.

  6. On me, the dry down on Parfums DelRae's Amoureuse is a very cozy, creamy skin scent. It actually reminds me of how the top of my baby girl's head smells. I love it! Of course the initial blast of Amoureuse is powerful and spicy green, but it quickly turns into that yummy creaminess in me. Has anyone else experienced that with Amoureuse?


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