Monday, October 20, 2014

Five Pick-Me-Up Ideas For Monday

Some Mondays take their role way too seriously. Like this one.  Various workers have been going in and out of the house, but the new furnace won't actually be installed until Wednesday. Mt. Laundry has grown right in front of my eyes, like a pimple on a long-suffering chin. The cats started the morning on the obnoxious side of rambunctious, and there was just not enough tea in the world to make it all go away.  It might be too late to save this day, but here are five pick-me-up ideas to help us deal with the Mondayness of it all:

1. A quick moisture infusion mask. I know that time is a rare commodity on early Monday mornings, but if you can steal even just five minutes to give your skin extra hydration, it'll pay off a few minutes later when you're facing the mirror again. A Japanese paper mask (I use the pre-made Hada Labo ones, that save time and effort) is the answer to almost anything. If you really can't stop for even five minutes you can still use a no-rinse products that will make you feel pampered: Dr. Jart+ Sleeping Mask, Sisley Black Rose or Flower Gel Mask . Slather the mask on as soon as you're up, and by the time you're ready to do your makeup your face will feel and look much happier (don't rinse unless you're super-oily).

2. Did you buy something cute over the weekend? Wear it today. Whether it's an expensive new lipstick, a pair of shoes, or a little cardigan, don't save it for a special occasion or a nicer day. Make this Monday that nicer day by wearing and feeling brand new and just a bit more fancy.

3. Inject a bit of color. Yes, it's kind of dreary on top of everything else. Fall and winter call for somber colors and we all hope that we look as chic as those models in the black & white photos of yore. But real faces in real life need something extra, be it a bright lipstick, a fuchsia scarf or a pair of classic red pumps. They'll make you smile, and that can make all the difference in the world.

4. Perfume. Why, of course. Wear the one you save for special occasion (see a theme here?), a beloved perfume you haven't touched in a while, or something from your significant other's wardrobe, just to change things up a bit. Scent has a palpable impact on mood, so it's a great way to uplift yours.

5. Nest. This will take another five minutes of precious time, but making sure that you have a pleasant environment when you come back home, will give you a little boost during the day. Make your bed (and use a linen spray under the covers), quickly put away stuff, maybe get out a bath oil or another product for an evening bubble bath. Download a book on Kindle (how about Mandy Aftel's new book, Fragrant?). Maybe pre-order dinner delivery (I use the website that gives access to every restaurant that delivers in my area. You can use PayPal, schedule deliveries ahead of time, and include the tip). Thinking of the little pleasures awaiting you at the end of the day is certain to do wonders even in the most Office Space-y kind of place.


  1. Yes, this Monday needs some help. I am wearing Secret Garden, which is lovely. Looking forward to going to yoga tonight.

  2. Wearing the underrated Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin. I love this stuff. Face Mask was by Clarins and my color today was pink !


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