Thursday, October 02, 2014

Cats Of The Day

Cedric and Philip

Peter was unimpressed

Apparently, even Philip was over this picture-taking thing

Sophie, pondering multi-cat households
I was going to take a nice portrait photo of Cedric who was looking regal and impressive when Philip got into the frame. It doesn't show so much in the picture at the top, but Cedric loves the kittens and enjoys their company more than we thought possible. He can be seen grooming them throughout the day, and he seems to have gotten a much-needed confidence boost.


  1. Cat photos! Yay! Much needed afternoon mood boost. Philip may be over the picture taking thing, but that photo is priceless. :-) And the photo of Cedric and Philip together is so incredibly beautiful and sweet. I really do think you could put together a book of your cat photos and have it be a best seller.

    1. I heartily agree. What beautiful cat-children. I wish I could kiss every single one of their precious faces! I think a book of these photographs would be fantastic. I would buy it in a heartbeat!! :)


  2. They are sooo precious! Thanks for sharing.


  3. cute! Phillip may need to go to have his baby canines removed, tho!

  4. Cedric looks really royal and full of dignity. He's special, but I like Sophie's kind of cats so much!!! She's adorable :-)

  5. Sophie has such beautiful green eyes!

  6. I love these pictures, especially the one of Cedric and Philip. My older male cat Binky also blossomed when I adopted kittens (one who is now almost 2 and one is 6 months). He has become a nanny-cat. :-) All your kitties are lovely.


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