Friday, October 10, 2014

Helmut Lang Original Fragrances Reissue

Original Helmut Lang perfume campaign image from the early 2000s

Now, this is good news. I've been yearning for a Cuiron bottle for years. Of course, I only discovered this sensual leather and skin perfume once it was discontinued and people started charging kidneys for partial bottles, so I've kept looking and cursing with very little success. Now we are told that

"Helmut Lang will reissue its original, iconic scents in October 2014. Each scent remains true to its original formulation, both in spirit and ingredients. Deeply admired by scent aficionados when released in 2000 and 2002, Helmut Lang’s Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne and Cuiron are as innovative and concise as Lang’s design sensibility."
The new bottles

The three fragrances will come in 100ml bottles (Cuiron $165, Helmut Lang EDP $185, Helmut Lang EDC $185) and will be available at Luckyscent and Barneys starting today. Notes, for the curious:

EDC: rosemary, orange tree , caramel, musk, cedarwood, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli.
EDP: lavender, rosemary, orange tree, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and patchouli
Cuiron: worn-in leather, bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorn, cassia oil,  woods, ancient resins and suede.


  1. Just showed this to my off again, on again agnostic DH as absolute proof positive that an ordering force does indeed exist in this universe and that at least some prayers are answered. My leather scent loving soul is very grateful. Thank you, perfume gods!


  2. i am the only guy on Fragrantica who lists Cuiron as a signature scent so you can imagine I am probably its greatest fan on planet earth and possibly Milky Way Galaxy :) I do wonder if the formula is same or might have been watered down due to IFRA stuff. I have also noticed original Cuiron was made in UK but this new stuff will be made in USA

  3. This sounds very interesting and I'm curious to sniff it! They look so classy.
    I never was able to get my hands on the reissued old Jil Sander fragrances (Woman III, Bath and Beauty and, I think, Man). Does anyone have any experience with them?


  4. Gosh, these all sound really good. This is encouraging: "Each scent remains true to its original formulation, both in spirit and ingredients." I must try these! :-)

  5. Hi Gaia,
    I've not tried the original line, this sounds wonderful. If I'm a fan of leather but of the green Bandit variety, would Cuiron be something I'd love? Will have to purchase samples of these and find out. ;)


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