Thursday, October 02, 2014

Want: Koyudo Brush Set (or maybe not)

I'm being silly, I know. First, I'm usually firmly against makeup brush sets. Brushes should be purchased à la carte, carefully chosen according to one's individual needs and preferred usage. Then there's the fact that I'm not familiar enough with Koyudo (available from I'm a Hakuhodo fan who also dabbles in Chikuhodo, but have yet to try Koyudo, another professional Japanese brand. Which brings us back to buying single brushes and not a set. Then there's the price tag, 100,000 Yen (just over $900), which is mostly due to the (gorgeous) Yakusugi, Japanese Cedar handles (ok, the set also includes a real box and a brush roll).But have I mentioned gorgeous? And the brushes appear to answer most of makeup's basic needs (an eye blending brush would have made it perfect).

The price makes it on average more than $150 per brush, which makes absolutely no sense. Considering the size and range of my brush collection I can't even begin to justify this extravagance, even if eating is overrated (the cats beg to differ on that last point). On a second thought, I think the white Hakuhodo set bellow makes a lot more sense (and all of a sudden looks like a real bargain, $153):

brushes included: J110 , J5521, J125, J142, and G5513


  1. Hi Gaia,
    I own both Hakuhodo and Koyudo brushes so can compare. You should definitely try Koyudo, I think you won't be disappointed! Do skip the insanely pricey set and try some individual brushes instead, some of them are cheaper than their Hakuhodo counterparts but the quality is there - even the brushes in their "Standart series" are very well made, soft and efficient (and - strictly IMHO - the white goat brushes in "High class series" are way better than Hakuhodo's).
    BTW, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time commenting, so have to thank you for the great job you're doing with your blog!

  2. Oooh! Another brush line that I need to check out while I'm in Tokyo in this December!! To be honest, I'd love to find a well made brush roll that isn't too big, too small, too this or that. I do love the look of those handles, but not the $900 price tag.


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