Thursday, October 09, 2014

Agraria Petite Essence Diffusers

Right now there are two reed diffuser loves in my life. This is the newer and the cutest: Agraria PetiteEssence in Lavender & Rosemary. The cuteness comes from the  handmade flower that absorbs  the essential oils through the cotton wick, and the flower petals that change to the color of the oil (purple, in this case) as the scent diffuses into the air.

I told you it's adorable.

Agraria's Lavender & Rosemary is herbal and slightly astringent in a good way. The aroma is calming and clean, and projects beautifully. I placed the diffuser (it comes with a separate glass dish that acts as a stabilizing base, another great touch from Agraria) in the master bathroom and it's been scenting the entire bedroom and its surrounding. The fragrance is noticeable and smells crisp and of a high quality.

Bottom Line: will make a great gift. For myself as well.

Agraria PetiteEssence Diffusers come in eight scents and colors ($50 each), available from and select department stores. The product for this review was a press sample.


  1. These are too adorable (and perfect for my needs)! I definitely need to pick one up.

  2. Must get some! The really do sound like ideal gifts for the holidays. Have gone through a lot of Agraria's diffusers in the past, but the issue has always been finding a safe place for them since one of our cats decided her mission in life was to play with reeds and try to defeat them (pull them out, knock them over, whatever it takes to wreak havoc upon them). The flowers seem like they'll be less enticing for doing battle with.


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