Monday, October 20, 2014

Jersey Cats

Giselle invites you to like our page Jersey Cats

It's kind of funny. I never wanted to create a Facebook fan page for this blog (instead I opted for a Facebook group, where we can hang out in a more laid-back way, ask questions, and share idea. Have you joined?). But when it comes to the cats, I knew that eventually I'd succumb and create such a page, where I can tell you stories about each one, and post pictures. Lots and lots and lots of cat pictures. Here's our page, Jersey Cats. Please stop by and check us out, "Like" if you're so inclined, and talk to us about all things cat-related, Jersey or not.


  1. Hurray! Jersey Cats might actually get me to loathe Facebook a bit less. ;)
    Your kitties are so lovely and charming. (And lucky to live in the wonderful world you and your husband have created for them!)

  2. Pure and complete joy! Have to confess that I have a very bad case of social media phobia - pretty much avoid it completely - but, for this, I will definitely go to Facebook.


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