Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gucci Peacock Magnetic Color Shadow Duo

To be honest with you, I don't think that this Gucci Magnetic Color Eye Shadow Duo in Peacock was the best choice for me. I would have gotten much more mileage from Fume, Aristocratic, or even Malachite (all three are on my wishlist right now). But there was something irresistible about the brightness of the blue and purple shades in  Gucci's Peacock, and only one of them, is actually out of my comfort zone.

The swatches you see above consist of one brush swipe (Shu Uemura N 10) over primed skin. It's a rather impressive pigment intensity even if the texture appears almost sheer. The navy has a significant amount of blue-silvery glitter which I could live without, but it's less pronounced on the lid, especially when packed with a stiff flat brush. The bright purple is more satiny (very fine shimmer). It's gorgeous, but I just don't have it in me to wear it on its own. I use it as an accent on top of a neutral color, from gray to taupe or for evening: over a black pencil or cream shadow. This way it adds drama and color without looking too purple.

I can't say that there's anything special about this Gucci duo. The texture is nice but I've seen nicer (the single I bought feels smoother than this particular couple); the colors are fun but not unique. The eye shadows are of decent quality and I have no complaints, but I'm not quite wowed. Perhaps it is the colors, after all.

Bottom Line: I should have chosen better.

Gucci Peacock Magnetic Color Shadow Duo ($49) is available from Saks, Neiman, and


  1. I hear what you say, but the photos are mesmerizing. A smoky eye with this palette could be a great holiday evening look with something simple like a deep blue cashmere sweater. nozknoz

  2. I am still considering of trying it out. Looking at it, it seems like a pretty duo. I will check on this.....

  3. The blue/navy would make for a beautiful holiday evening smoky eye look! I couldn't pull it off during the day though!
    I am a green undertone brunette and could never carry this off, but my inner peacock still adores those colors!


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