Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS727 Rose Grey & RD728 Viola

It's very simple: As long as Shiseido keeps making new colors of Lacquer Rouge liquid lipstick, I keep buying (at least some of) them. The last batch for fall included five shades. I chose two, RD728 Viola and RS727 Rose Grey. As a reminder, here's my usual gushing about the formula of Shiseido Lacquered Rouge: an almost weightless liquid lipstick with a polished, almost varnished finish. They feel great on the lips, last long and stay put once they're set.

RS727 Rose Grey is a muted beige rose that looks completely nude on my (quite dark) lips. It's the color to wear with a very dramatic eye look. RD728 Viola is a cool-toned mauvish thing, quite sophisticated and very season-appropriate. These two can be mixed together for a very pretty natural rose color that goes with just about everything.

Bottom Line: why didn't I get RD529 Tango?

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS727 Rose Grey & RD728 Viola ($25 each) are available at the counters and from


  1. Oooh, need these! They look stunning. I don't know why I haven't checked out this formula yet.

  2. Hello Gaia,

    Shiseido Lacquer Rouge is one of the best liquid lipsticks on the market. The formula, pigmentation, lasting power and applicator head are all perfect. I need to check out Viola ASAP!


  3. I bought Rose Grey and love it with a barely there rose cheek and eyes dressed in satiny shades of silver, grey, and charcoal. It's very pretty.

  4. This is another great product that I would never have tried if I hadn't read here how good it is. A friend begged me to tell her what lipstick I was wearing, which was a first. That was RD 305 Nymph; Vola looks like another perfect color. nozknoz

    1. Corrrection: the one I've gotten complements on is RS 312 Sunstone, which is a bit darker than Nymph. Hmm…and RS 723 Hellebore looks interesting on the Sephora website…I had no idea there were so many colors now…this could be hard on the credit cards! nozknoz

    2. And now I see you reviewed Hellebore in March. I must have been hibernating. Thanks always for discovering the best stuff and warning us off the worthless! nozknoz

  5. Off to buy Rose Grey and thank you for your venting! Spot on!

  6. Those colors look gorgeous!


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