Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anya Hindmarch thinks you will buy this

Maybe it's me. Perhaps I've been completely wrong in assuming handbag designer Anya Hindmarch was about luxury and a certain highbrow style, even when mass producing. It's not that I was all too crazy about the idea of Anya Hindmarch for Target, but hey, everybody's doing that; I don't buy the fashion equivalent of fast food anyway.

But these $230 a piece totes strike me as an incredibly cynical move. I get the feeling Ms. Hindmarch has really lost respect for her clients. As far as I'm concerned, the feeling is mutual.



  1. Yikes! The LAST thing I need to spend $230 on is a canvas bag that says BOOTY on it. No thanks.

  2. These are AWFUL!

  3. Wow. Um. Yeah. Hahaha. I agree with Elvira. I don't need to spend that much to be embarrassed by a canvas bag.


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