Monday, May 24, 2010

Notes From The Perfume Front

1. Annick Goutal is back with a vengeance. While I've heard some kvetching about Barneys not having most of the scents online, the NYC store has everything, including the newest one, Ninfeo Mio. The latter (and several other Goutals) is also inexplicably available at Antropologie.

2. Speaking of Anthroplogie, I just looked at their website. If you dig deep enough to find their perfume section (someone on their web team needs some lessons in information architecture), you'll find not only Goutal and the rest of the brands they've been carrying for a while (Tokyo Milk, Tocca, Lollia, Anna Sui), but also an edited selection from Histoires de Parfums and D.S. Durga.

3. While not much is left at Takashimaya's closing sale, there are some worthy perfumes to be found. Mona di Orio, Neil Morris and several Histoires de Parfums bottles are still available, as well as Debut and Emotionelle by DelRae. Everything is 40% off.

4. The SAs at Barneys are becoming pushier than ever.

5. I saved the best for last. MiN NY (117 Crosby Street ) is a good reason to deal with SoHo mess and masses even on the weekend.  The store is spacious which allows for sniffing without suffocating. There's a good selection of skin care and grooming products, home fragrance and, of course, perfumes. The entire L'Artisan range, Parfum d'Empire, Frapin, Linari (I think I love Angelo di Fiume in all its heavy caramelized glory) and Miller Harris. Speaking of which, MiN is not only getting the classic line, but will soon be the exclusive US retailer of Miller Harris Nouvelle Edition, body products, home fragrance, oils and teas (I can't wait. Thé Bigarade sounds especially amazing). Everything is (or going to be) available online. But it's not just about exclusive brands and wonderful products. There's also friendly, welcoming and super knowledgeable service. That alone is a reason to celebrate.

Photo: People inside a perfume store by Hans Wild, 1947.


  1. Last night I dreamt that I was right here in Atlanta, shopping at a perfume store with exclusive brands, wonderful products and friendly, welcoming and super knowledgeable service.

    Then I woke up.

  2. I want to sniff Ninfea Mio so badly! It sounds gorgeous and, may be an AG my l'Artisan/fig-loving daughter might like.

    Were there any SMNs left at Takashimaya?

    Sigh...I want to come to NYC and go sniffing/shopping with you! I should grab PereDePierre and bring him along- we would have too much fun.

  3. Does that include Fleurs de Sel?

  4. Those SAs! I had a lot of trouble with one in my neck of the woods yesterday! Grr...

  5. P., it means you'll have to come up north and join our sniffing trips...
    Seriously, I don't get why so many big US cities are completely deprived of really good perfume stores. There have to be enough potential customers in Atlanta.

  6. Jane, there are very few SMN bottles left. That must have been the most popular brand there.

    I'd love love love to have you and Dane here for some epic sniffing and shopping. Bergdorf would never be the same after we take it by storm.

  7. Tom, yes it does. I vow to finally get a full bottle once they have it in stock.

  8. LBV, this seems like a growing epidemic lately. For every knowledgeable and professional SA there are five clueless people with a limited vocabulary and no interest in perfume beyond making their weekly quota.


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