Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to approach a blogger. A lesson in PR no-nos

Bloggers get all kind of weird to unintentionally hilarious emails from PR people who have absolutely no clue. Despite popular belief, I don't usually use this space to roast them good and well, but this email was too  much. My comments are in red.

Subject: Blogging Opportunity - Unleash Your Inner Blonde with *****
Hi Mónica! (Seriously? A copy & paste fail)
With summer just around the corner I thought you might be interested in learning more about the most requested color in salons: Blonde! (looking up at the name and title of my blog. How in the world did I miss that?)
Blondes are always in high demand (Sure. Rub it in a little more) – it’s the number one requested hair color in salons, representing more than 50% of all color services! (I'm not only a brunette, I also don't get things the first time I read them) Blondes are in high demand because the color rarely occurs in nature and correlates with youthfulness (because we all turn brunette as we age), and now *****  is making sure the most desirable hair color is obtainable for every woman with its two newest color services:
(boring description of Most! Awesome! Product! Ever!  It! Will! Make! You! Blonde!)
If you’re interested in learning more about going blonde and these new products from ***** to share with the readers, let me know! (Obviously. I'm crafting a request for samples as we speak)
I’m working on behalf of ***** to get the word out about their latest and greatest offerings – so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! (And you're doing a mighty fine job, honey)
**** Poor PR Person

Community Ambassador (which means someone is paying for this fine job)

Social Media Marketing (Having an email account a does not a social media expert make)



  1. Too true, all of it.
    Incidentally, I received an e-mail today that was supposed to pique my interest in a small company that makes and sells bath-and-body products. The subject line? "Help." That was it. Just "Help." Gee, no one's going to delete *that* one immediately, thinking it must be spam. Every heard of the boy who cried wolf, folks?

  2. LOL.

    ITA. Even some of the ones that are going around send the most condescending emails and really puts me off working with them. T_T;

  3. My fav part? "Blogging Opportunity". Ah, what? Sounds like a MLM scam. Either that or I should be so grateful that they bothered to write me.

  4. I hear ya. I have been getting emails about people wanting me to promote their website, with things that have NOTHING to do with my blog. In return, I get absolutely nothing, and my readers get absolutely nothing.

  5. ROTFL, talk about barking up the wrong tree! :-D


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