Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace

My testing and posting schedule for the next few weeks is making me wish I had a few more lips and a spare eyelid or two. Yes, that's a visual no one really needed. But  before we move on to all the summer collections and other new items I have lined up, let's squeeze in this Clinique lipstick from a semi-forgotten GWP event.

Clinique's Different Lipstick range offers about 18 shades. Raspberry Glace might be the scariest one from looking at the swatches on Clinique and Sephora's websites, but since this is a mostly sheer lipstick with medium-low coverage and my natural lip color is pretty dark, the result is not all that dramatic. Raspberry Glace is a slightly shimmery cool pink. It perks up the face instantly and cheers me up. The texture is light and adequately moisturizing. It doesn't last long, though. A couple of hours or a sip of water are enough for the lipstick to fade completely, without leaving even a hint of a stain. It also tends to transfer easily if you accidentally touch your mouth, so keep your sleeves away at all times.

Bottom Line: It's all about the color. My favorite GWP item lately.

Clinique Different Lipstick ($14) in Raspberry Glace and other colors is available from every department store under the sun.

All photos are mine.


  1. Personally, I avoid Clinique cosmetics due to it's low quality. As for the lipstics in particular, their color changes half an hour after you apply it, it looks dull...not my cup of tea.

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  3. Long, long ago and far away, back in the early eighties, Clinique made lipstains. My favorite was Raspberry Lipstain. It was sheer, but very pigmented. Would love to see something like that come around again. This is a really pretty color.

  4. Raspberry Glace has been in their collection forever! I went through tubes of this for years. I recently found a photo from 1992 and I looked so....healthy & my teeth looked super soon as I read your post I remembered, I was wearing Raspberry Glace!

    The only reason I remembered is I am a gloss/stain girl almost exclusively. RG is one of the only lipsticks I have ever a) worn & b) repurchased. It doesn't look "lipsticky" and blends in softly with my natural lip colour.

    With all due respect Goya, I think Clinique still has some lovely products on offer. Their Quickliner pencil in Shy Brown & Quickshadow in Muffin are HGs that make my hazel eyes pop & last all day on my make up eating skin! :)

  5. My mom has been wearing Raspberry Glace for years! Like, literally 25 years or something. It's always looked lovely on her. I can't really wear it, I'm super pale and it's a little strong on my skin tone, but I think it's really wearable for most people. I'm glad other people are discovering it!


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