Saturday, May 08, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This weekly roundup brings you everything, from cooties to a gorgeous Dior palette. Seriously.

Charlestongirl shares with us her Edward Bess Private Eye Collection and what she thinks of the luxury shadows. Check out Best Things in Beauty for her opinions and color swatches.

What foundation could be in Pamela's arsenal of organic beauty? Go to BeautyXposé to see what lightweight summer foundation she'll be using this year.

Having a bad hair day? Kari at Fab Over Forty has a guest post from author Lila Dare and a giveaway for her new book. See what Tressed to Kill is all about.

Do you have cooties? Kelly from Gouldylox shares with us rules to keep safe at the makeup counter and avoid cooties at all costs.

Cindy from Prime Beauty shares with us her love of Kevin Aucoin makeup palette Making Faces Vol. 1. Check out the swatches and the details of her new favorite universally flattering palette.

Laurie from Product Girl wants us to run, not walk, to get the latest Revlon lip glosses. She has the details and it looks like this is going to be a major hit.

Color, color, color, this week! KarlaSugar from The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself tries out Dior's newest eye shadow palette. I read, I looked, I bought. I blame Karla.


  1. Gaia, can you tell me what 'cooties' are? I'm British and we have the term 'bugs', meaning germs/yuckiness/nits/etc. - is this what Americans mean by 'cooties'? Or is it a more specific term?
    I've always been curious about this. :)

  2. Wordbird, 'cooties' is a general term for icky and germy infectious... stuff. You get it (or imagine you get it) from touching things like used towels, combs or using makeup testers. I'd say cooties are never airborne. Utterly nonscientific, of course.

    Kids usually say it when talking about the opposite sex (boys are dirty and you'll get cooties if you play with them).

  3. Thanks for the round up! I love the Dior eyeshadows.


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