Monday, May 24, 2010

Mona di Orio- Oiro

Just like the name implies, Oiro is golden. Big white florals heavy on jasmine and indoles can go horribly wrong or blindingly gorgeous.Mona di Orio has knack for opulent perfumes with an animalic base unlike anything else currently on the market. Her perfumes smell of skin, ripeness and larger than life flower bouquets and are as non-apologetic as anything can be. Oiro illuminates jasmine, just like Carnation is a study of skin and musk. It takes you to some fantasy land where everyone is 80s style glamorous, attending decadent parties all night long and lounge in the shade of cool patios during the day.

Despite the hint of debauchery, Oiro isn't dark and doesn't loom on the skin. It's alive and surprisingly sheer and sparkling. I was expecting the ylang-ylang to go creamy, but instead the vetiver note holds a certain crispness that I find very appealing and makes this Mona di Orio scent easy to wear on a summer day, as long as you don't have an immortelle aversion.

Mona di Orio perfumes are once again losing their US retailer with the closing of Takashimaya. The closing sale is still on until the end of the month (40% off the $180 original price). After that we're left with Les Senteurs in London (they ship worldwide).

Art: Transition by Henry Asencio


  1. Does anyone know how I could shop at the sale at Takashimaya while I live abroad?

    Do they accept telephone ordered and ship worldwide?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I love new perfumes that don't apologize--especially when they sound as lovely as this!

  4. Lian, as far as I know they no longer accept phone orders.

  5. LBV, the entire MdO line is exactly like that: real perfumes for those not scared to wear them.

  6. in other words, awesome. love the image too, by the way!


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