Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Frederick Reiken, the author of what might be my favorite books of all time, The Lost Legends Of New Jersey, has a new novel out, Day For Night. The husband is currently reading it, so I have a day or two to locate my attention span and start reading.

Just discovered two Canadian singers/songwriters: Justin Ruteledge and Amelia Curran. Saw them last Friday in The Living Room, NYC, and bought just about everything they ever recorded.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Just got these DVF Opal wedge sandals. I'm going to live in them in the coming months. Very comfortable for 4" heels (I need all the help I can get in that department).

Vintage Lauren, the original formula. I'm on a green kick.

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe Tinted Treatment Fluid. This tinted moisturizer is pure magic. Review coming soon, after I spend another week or so testing it.

Tabla restaurant in NYC (wonderfully friendly to vegetarians) has this new salad on the menu, made with fresh green chickpeas. I didn't even know such a thing existed. It tastes like a cross between fresh green peas and chickpeas.

Fresh lime juice in soda water.

Guilty Pleasure
Buying baked goods from Whole Foods instead of making them from scratch. I'd feel more guilty, but those chocolate madeleines were to die for.

Bane of my existence
The cats found the bag of catnip and had a party all over my dressing room.

Having my makeup done again by Pamela from Guerlain. This is going to be good.

These Diego Dolcini and Sergio Rossi sandals.

What are your current thoughts, loves, banes and recommendations this week?


  1. Hi,

    I don't know how you can use the word "comfortable" and "4 inche heels" in the same sentence..;)

    The shoes are beautiful though...

  2. I have to say lime juice in soda water is a drink made in heaven on a hot day. I usually have it in Indian restaurants where they put a little masala spice in it. So refreshing.

  3. book: Uncle's dream, a short novel by Dostoyevsky, amusing and funny.
    song: I downloaded my first opera - Maria Callas singing Verdi's La Traviata, 1953 in Torino. Though I don't listen to classical music often, I decided it's time to change that and I love it.
    Frequently worn outfit/item: Black/washed-out skinny jeans, I have worn them so much, they're starting to fall apart, but fit like a glove. (those heels of yours are gorgeous).
    perfume: cuir ottoman
    make up: can't decide whether to buy a stack of mineral makeup, never had that before (yes, I know that is ridiculous)
    food: young fresh spinach leaves!
    drink: bio thé orange vanille
    guilty pleasure: ebay, definitely
    bane of my existence: our dog's still shedding hair like crazy and it's everywhere!
    anticipation: none

  4. I am rediscovering my bronzer collection. I need help transitioning my makeup to my newly highlighted locks. I'm still a non-blonde but now I have subtle caramel highlights to play with.

    Also, because I have super sensitive lips I have been on a mission to find the best glosses - so far:
    Chanel Glossimers
    Dior - creme de gloss (currently testing out Rouge de serum in Coral)
    P&J lip laquers
    (oddly enough) Victoria Secrets lip glosses/pencils- nice neutrals and under $15!

    Considering borrowing a book from my husband's library - "All the Pretty Horses". Been wanting to read that one for a long time.

    I am now obsessing over your DVF wedge sandals.

  5. Sunscreeeeen! We have season tickets to the new local MLS soccer (football) club, as well as two raised bed gardens - one vegetables, one calla lilies (I'm a sucker for the fancy varieties). I've been avoiding the sun for several years now, in response to my father having several malignant carcinomas removed, and all this new outdoorsiness has presented a challenge, especially wih my insanely sensitive skin.

    For "regular" days, I use Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion, SPF 30. It can sting my eyes sometimes, but I've yet to find better for daily wear. For major outdoor days, especially those involving tailgating before matches, I go with Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion. Mine is SPF 55, though on Sephora it's now listed as SPF 60 (reformulation?). It's a giant pain to remove - they weren't playing around when they waterproofed it! - but I'm still pale as ever, and working to remain so!

    Other "currently" items -

    Lippie: Shiseido's new-ish Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in Natural Red. I'm ~ NW15 with somewhat pigmented lips that lean towards blue/purple. This lippie is just sheer enough that I can apply it without a mirror (though I prefer not to), and it's a perfect dark sheer red on me. I hate knowing that they'll d/c it any day now (Shiseido is terrible in that regard), but I have backups and it's gorgeous.

    Perfume: Caron Eau de Reglisse. I need to buy some backups of this - it is THE perfect warm-weather fragrance. An amazingly light anise tempered by green notes that almost border on minty, it's light and fresh in a totally NON-commercial way. Never fails to perk me up on a hot, humid, nasty mid-Atlantic (Delaware) day.

    Guilty pleasure/drink: Dow's Fine Ruby Porto, followed closely by their tawny port. Too tasty for my own good.

    Anticipation/wishlist: finding someone semi-local who will be doing the CND Shellac.


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