Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Perfume Thoughts

I don't have a perfume review tonight. Not sure why, considering I've been testing several things, old and new, and have rough drafts for weeks upon weeks of perfume posts. Not to mention that right this moment I'm wearing three very different perfumes (on separate body parts). My attention span is just not there. Instead you get some random thoughts. At least it's on topic. could have been worse. After all, I can always talk your ear off about the cats.

Wearing right now: By Kilian Rose Oud. That was my scent of the day and it's still going strong. Later I sprayed my wrists with something else, washed it off and applied MPG Or des Indes on my right arm and Rykiel Rose on my left. Don't mind the thought process behind this.

No regrets about: Buying Tubereuse 3 a couple of months ago, before the closing sale at Takashimaya. I've been wearing and enjoying it.

Bittersweet: The 40% discount at the above mentioned sale.

Kicking myself for: Not buying a bottle of Tom Ford's Velvet Gardenia when it was still available. And selling that bottle of Sublime by Jean Patou.

Perfumes from my past I would have liked to own again: Eau de Soir in its original formula. Tamango by Leonard. I once lost an eBay auction for the parfum concentration of the latter.

Celebs that should never ever have a perfume deal: Kendra Wilkinson,and the other Girls Next Door.

Worst discontinuation rumor: Unconfirmed, so maybe there's no reason to panic (famous last words), but it looks like on top of the US distribution problem Miller Harris is having, L'Air de Rien is disappearing from shelves all over the world and being replaced with the lighter eau de cologne version. I'm assuming it's the oakmoss.

Tomorrow I'm going to wear: No idea yet. Maybe Tubereuse 3, since I really want to finish the review.

Any perfume thoughts, random or not, to share? Requests for reviews are also accepted (though I'm not making any promises).

Photo of actress Thalia Barbarova: artdecoblog.blogspot.com/


  1. lovely image! I am sad to hear of the slow death of L'air de rien. And you are dead on about the need to stop any and all Girls Next Door from signing perfume deals. I shudder to think about the results...

  2. Random share: I got a decant of Montale's Cuir d'Arabie as a possible layering thing (I was unable to even consider it at all when I first smelled it a couple of years ago) but, I've been wearing it just alone this spring and am delighted to discover how much I love the contrast with the delicate scents and sights of the spring blossoms. I usually don't wear much perfume at all in spring and summer - too many wonderful natural smells that a fragrance simply competes with or drowns out. This way, I can enjoy both.


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