Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miller Harris is coming back to the US in July

An email directly from Miller Harris in London has confirmed that the disappearance of the line from our shelves was, indeed, because of distribution issues. The good news is that it will be back in July. While it doesn't look like Miller Harris perfumes are going to be as widely available as before, MiN New York (117 Crosby street) will soon have them in stock and they have a very decent looking e-commerce site (

Image: Miller Harris Facebook page


  1. Oh good! I was worried Miller Harris was closing it's doors. Just a distribution issue, I got worried when I saw MH for sale on all the online retailers, including Bloomingdales. I think Beauty Habit has their 100 ml bottles on sale for 105 at present. A very good deal. :)

  2. Gaia,
    I'm not so sure that it hasn't be reformulated. I checked their UK website and it was out of stock there too. Surely they aren't having distribution issues at that level... hmmm..


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