Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DDF Fade Gel 4

Every time I blog about my skin brightening quest I get a bunch of cranky emails from people thinking I'm trying to pull off a Michael Jackson, and I find myself explaining at length that I'm really really not. Long time readers know I've been working on undoing the consequences of past sins. My skin tans quickly. Fifteen minutes outside on a sunny day are enough to give me a "just got back from vacation" look. I have to wear a lot of sunblock on my hands even for a short drive to the store. It's not a bad problem to have, since I rarely burn. But let's face the facts: a tan, even a glowy bronzed one, is actually skin damage. And that's something to avoid and correct. Hence creams, serums and anything else that targets sun spots (I have four. Used to be five) and brightens the complexion.

After a couple of years of successfully treating my skin, getting back to my natural skin tone, lightening the sun spots on my cheeks (and completely eradicating the smallest one) I've reached a plateau. I'm paler than I've ever been, but the remaining spots don't seem to be going anywhere. I've heard and read good things about DDF Fade Gel 4 and decided to give it a try.

DDF Fade Gel 4 is a targeted treatment, meaning you apply it where needed and not necessarily all over your face (and cleavage, though I did after I forgot to use a sunblock when wearing a deep v-neck top and spending an hour or so outside). I've gone through a full bottle now and can say the results vary by the type of sun damage. Despite promises, it did absolutely nothing for the existing spots. I've spent more time than I care to admit staring at them, but all the fading has been the result of previous treatment. However, when it comes to accidental tan, the gel worked quickly and efficiently. The tanning lines on my chest disappeared after three nights, and the extra color has mostly faded. That might be reason enough to keep a bottle around, but I'm looking for a better product.

Next on my list: Cle de Peau. Testing commences tonight.

DDF Fade Gel 4 ($56, 0.5oz) is available from Sephora. I ordered it online.

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  1. Hello Gaia

    Have you tried this?


    Debbie says it's awesome. :)

  2. Thanks for your review. I've been using this product for a few months and see results on only 1 spot of 13. I'm not sure what makes that 1 spot special. I guess it's better than nothing!

  3. Oh gosh, YAY! Thank you! You're a lifesaver. I'm going to go back and read through the suggested posts on the bottom of this one and await your next review! I definitely had skeptical reactions to the idea of a 'whitening' or 'lightening' cream before I ended up with a face full of post-pregnancy acne scars. But now I am willing to try ANYTHING to get some of my regular complexion back. I used to think I had so many flaws when I was in college! Sheesh, I was so carefree then. If only I'd known what I know now...

  4. This is great! I've missed your posts on moisturisers, serums, and skin lightening. Makes for very interesting reading.

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