Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Le Metier de Beaute Devotion Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

Devotion Kaleidoscope Eye Kit is the star of the Le Metier de Beaute spring collection. It's built on the same principal of the other kaleidoscopes- layering the colors and blending them together until you get the desired effect. The shades featured in Devotion are quite bold and might look scary the first time you see them- mostly because of the contrast between the blue and the two warm ones. But the silky texture allows you to manipulate the pigments and create a very soft effect, which is the key to Le Metier de Beaute sophisticated look.

This video was posted on Le Metier de Beaute's Facebook page and shows how to use two of the colors together:

It might seem weird at first to layer intense colors- we usually blend a stronger shade into a soft neutral- but this is my third Kaleidoscope Eye Kit and it works every time. The result brings out the undertones in your skin and natural color flecks in your eyes and is a lot more flattering than splashes of paint across the lid.

These eye shadows have a very subtle shimmer. It can be intensified if you're piling up, but the palette's strength is in its ability to look understated with just a hint of the color you choose as the center of your look (I tend to go with the blue). Speaking of the blue, I used quite a bit for the swatch so you see just how rich it can be. But in normal application the pigment has a more navy-to-slate appearance because of my skin tone (my lid is significantly darker than my wrist).

I wear the eye shadows over a primer and it holds and looks fresh all day long. The texture is soft but fallout during application is minimal (more from the top two, none from the blue).

Devotion ($95) seems to be sold out online, but some Neiman Marcus stores still have them in stock, so I suggest giving them a call if you're interested. Your local store. I ordered mine online several weeks ago.

All photos by me.


  1. Great review! Would this palette work for fair skin that is cool toned?

  2. Wait is that the same palette they are using in the video??? It looks like another.


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