Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lush Full Of Grace Serum

In which I get creative.

I have a complicated relationship with Lush. There are a handful of products I love enough to tolerate their  scent, go through them quickly and buy them over and over. The rest-  I could easily live without, especially since I find the smell of their stores mighty unpleasant. I was  pursuing Lush website as I needed to restock a couple of summer essentials (Dream Cream and Silky Underwear powder) and got curious about their solid serum bars. Not that I need another serum or that I had any intention to put this stuff on my face, but I was thinking it might be a very interesting hand product.

Which it is.

Full Of Grace (I love the name) is a smallish bar (about third the size of their body massage/lotion ones) that fits easily in your palm and melts as you touch it. It can get messy, but all you need is a quick rub between your hands to spread the product and coat your skin from cuticles to wrists. The serum feels very rich but sinks in immediately without any greasy residue. It softens the skin right away, including the rougher spots (mine are from typing). The back of my hands which I treat religiously with creams and lotions get a bit waxy for a while, but very soft. It's a nice feeling, overall.

The scent is that typical lush essential oil mess with a side of cheap soap, but it's not too strong or too bad and  I'm willing to deal with it because of the fabulous performance. I wouldn't want it on my face, though. I ordered this serum  weeks ago when the weather was cooler and there was already some minor melting in the package. This is not something you can safely order during the hot months, so a trip to the smelly Lush store is recommended if you want to check it out.

Bottom line: Scent aside, even better than I expected.

Lush Full Of Grace Serum ($13.95, 0.7oz) is available from Lush stores and online (see my warning above).

Photo of my Gracie, just because.


  1. A friend of mine gave me some of their bath balls, which were A) filled with bits of glitter and detritus B) so highly scented and C) filled with so much dye that I decided not to take the bath. Or set foot in the store..

  2. I've wanted to find a heavy duty moisturizer for the cuticles and hands, winter is very harsh on my skin. I've heard friends talk about Lush products, but haven't worked up the courage to walk in the store-the scent can be easily smelled from the sidewalk (in downtown SF-that's an accomplishment!). Does the scent stick around long?

    By the way-Gracie is so pretty! Lovely kitty cat. :)


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