Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jouer Moistueizing Lip Gloss (Mirage)

This little tube of Jouer lip gloss in Mirage was part of a GWP at Henri Bendel about a month ago. I was expecting more from the color and less from the texture. Mirage is a very pretty medium berry pink that ends up almost invisible on my lips. The shimmer is subtle, so no issues with that. The story is the texture- Jouer might have created one of the least sticky glosses I've come across, while making it moisturizing, revitalizing and all around feel-good.

Bottom line: I probably need to try the same lip gloss is Monsoon and Exquisite. These colors seem to pack a lot more punch.

Jouer Moistueizing Lip Gloss ($20) is available at Henri Bendel. Anyone feels like starting a campaign to get Bendel to join the rest of us in the 21st century and offer e-commerce?

All photos by me and my underachiever camera.


  1. Not being nearly close enough to New York to frequent Henri Bendel, I'm in total agreement with you over the store's sad lack of e-commerce. This gloss looks awesome too -esp. the "non-sticky" part. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is actually quite frustrating that Henri Bendel's doesn't have e-commerce. They're fantastic with carrying start-up companies, but then make it more difficult to try things or get the word out because they don't have e-commerce.

    Let's start a petition! :)

    I love all things Jouer.


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