Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This & That

1. Here's what Miller Harris PR (one of the most straightforward, competent and helpful I've come across in a very long time) had to say about L'Air de Rien:
As for L’Air de Rien, this is still going strong! We launched Un Petit Rien as the fresher, ligher alternative to the original, which is not being reformulated nor phased out. Both fragrances will co-exist (Un Petit Rien being L’Air de Rien’s softer, younger sister perhaps) and we also have a candle and body cream in the original scent.
2. It's only been eight days since I started testing Cle de Peau Anti Age Spots serum (couldn't they find a better name?), but I already see something happening there. I'm not fully brightened just yet, but there's a change and some shifting in the discolored areas. It's too early to tell much, but I have a good feeling.

3. Why is there a cheeseburger on the cover of Martha Stewart Living? Not a good thing, seriously.

4. I can't wait for Lost to be over. The show has jumped the shark around the time they opened the hutch, yet I found it impossible to stop watching. The sooner they're gone the better. Yes, Sawyer too.

Photo by Abe Schrader, 1960, from

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  1. Great news about L'Air de Rein. It was on my "I really should get a full bottle of this" list but I never got around to actually ordering it. It's good to know I'll get a second chance. I hope I don't have to wait too long because now it's all I want to wear (of course) and my decant is almost gone.


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