Monday, July 12, 2010

Dior Fall Ready-To-Wear Palette (Nordstrom Exclusive)

The one item that stood out to me when browsing Nordstrom's pre-sale anniversary exclusives was the Fall Ready-To-Wear palette. It has the glow of soft fall light in the early afternoon and every color is pretty and wearable. It's probably one of the products that will accompany me during late summer-early fall travel, because when one is too jet-lagged to color-coordinate, a palette that offers a full look is priceless.

There are two face colors here- a blush and a three-tone bronzer. I think their pans are too small and I don't bother to swipe a good brush over them individually (not to mention to customize the bronzer), I just mix both items together for a natural sun-kissed look. I tried to swatch the blush and bronzer and got reminded why I hate doing this with cheek colors- the result on my arm looks too much like a skin condition. So you'll have to take my word that both are nicely pigmented without looking clownish, the blush is a pretty medium rose and the bronzer is a warm medium-light tan (at least when all three shades are combined. If you don't mind using a small brush you can probably adjust the levels of brown and gold).

I've always loved Dior eye shadows and these four are no exception. The finish is satiny and smooth (far less metallic than the current singles), even the light colors are very pigmented (another area where Dior trumps most other brands) and blend perfectly. You will notice how the colors look different when swatched than they are in the pan. The darkest one was was the most surprising- on my skin it looks bronze and not brown. The lightest is beige in the palette but has a cooler tone on the skin.

I wasn't too excited about the two lip gloss colors, but they are actually very pleasant and flattering. The light shimmery one is almost clear with a touch of pink- it can be layered over a darker lipstick but I was surprised how nice it looks on its own, especially when using the entire Ready-To-Wear palette for a full look. The warm rose shade is even better- it looks delicious on the lips. The mini lip brush that comes in the palette is the most useful accessory there and the only one I'm using. A tiny blush brush and the standard sponge applicator are nothing to blog about.

Dior Fall Ready-To-Wear Palette ($54) is a Nordstrom exclusive for their anniversary sale. While it's no longer online for pre-sale (I ordered the palette weeks ago and received it last Thursday), it should be available at your local store starting today.

All photos are mine.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this. This is the only Anniversay Exclusive palette that really caught my eye. I'll press my luck and just hope they have some on hand this weekend. Luckily pay day is Thursday.


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