Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Mystery Of Musk- Part 2

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We continue the natural musk-less musk adventure. I'm  anosmic to some musks (I tested some of the oils and blends they sell at Whole Foods and couldn't smell several. Many of those were labeled "Egyptian Musk"), but when I can actually smell them, they are among the best things to ever happen to my skin. The sultry dirty warmth sits very well with me, as is obvious by looking at my personal collection. Experiencing the different musk stories couldn't have been more enjoyable (remind me I said this if we ever do a vanilla project)- I'm not just in my element, I'm in my catnip.

Drifting Sparks from Artemisia Natural Perfume begins smoky and woody. The very animalic quality remains there even as the scent takes a sharp turn and morphs into a big white floral centered around jasmine. It's a bit shrilly on me, but at the same time I can't keep my nose away from my arm when wearing it, trying to follow the progression and constant change and movement. There's a salty quality, sea air that drifts closer and then goes away for a while only to reappear and bring with it a hint of smoke and fire from afar. That's where the musky quality becomes so apparent. My favorite part of Drifting Sparks is the dry-down. The blend of smoke, salty skin and sweetness is a great interpretation of the theme. While it doesn't live long enough on my skin, the two  hour journey is exhilarating.

Tallulah B2 by Jane Cate from A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes started so citrusy I was worried at first I got the wrong sample. A juicy blend of grapefruit, orange and mandarin is not how I'd expect a musk perfume to open. Then came the sweet and creamy vanilla, but before one can say Theorema, the scent becomes soft and incredibly fuzzy. It's like smelling Theorema through a thick layer of cashmere- an interesting and pleasant sensation, though not necessarily one I'd connect with the legendary Tallulah Bankhead.  But a serious shape-shifting takes place after a while- a very familiar musk appears on my skin and the first time I tried it had me floored- It smelled like a softer version of MKK. That sweet and warm no-longer quite clean skin scent that has a hint of fruit and a whole lot of promised pleasure. I have a feeling this dry-down would have won Ms. Bankhead's approval. It certainly won mine. Longevity is good (more than six hours), sillage lower than low- this is a skin scent if there ever was one.

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Jane at Sunrise by Leora Long
Tallulah Bankhead, photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1934


  1. I love musk and I don't give it enough attention- I have ones I like and wear and don't try new ones as much as I should. I'm enjoying the series very much!

  2. Tallulah 82 reads as right up my alley..

  3. Rose, thank you for the comment. Enjoy your musks- the ones you own and any new discovery.

  4. Tom, it most certainly is. As is the DSH I just reviewed and the one by Anya I'll talk about Tomorrow.


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