Thursday, July 22, 2010

Edward Bess Lipsticks 40% Off. Just tell them Oprah sent you.

Oprah has outdone herself this month. Using the code OPRAH would not only give you the 25% discount at (valid until August 13th), but also a fabulous 40% off Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick on today only (until 11:59 PM eastern time). I couldn't help it and ordered a couple more. I'm sure you can guess which colors.

You can read my review of the lipstick (and gloss, which isn't included in the sale) here. Also, check out the undisputed queen of swatches, KarlaSugar, to see all the colors.

As you probably know, I'm not affiliated with beautyhabit, Edward Bess or Oprah, though I wouldn't mind if Oprah adopted me and Edward moved in with me (not so much the other way around).

Photo of Edward Bess Tender Love lipstick by me.


  1. Beautiful shade, almost bought it, until I saw the shipping charge ($12.75?!?), which more than negated the discount. Too bad - it looks like a great lipstick.

  2. Elizabeth, you're not alone. Several people complained about the shipping in the comments section of the Beauty Look Book. I've ordered a few times but, because I wait to order several things at once, the $12.75 is not really an issue. For those of you; however, who only want to try one or two small items, the shipping charge does, indeed, seem very steep. It would have been nice if EB and Oprah had cut the shipping to go with the incredible discount on the lipsticks. His products really are exceptional. It's a shame that many women will be deterred by the shipping costs.

  3. Yes, I placed an order for several items, so I didn't realize that shipping cost would have been the same even for one item (and a small lipstick, at that). I agree with both of you, Elizabeth and Eileen, a $12.75 charge when one wants to buy one lipstick is not doing Edward Bess and his excellent products any favors. I'm sure sales would have been much better if shipping charges were more reasonable.
    After all, I never order anything from New London Pharmacy in NYC because of the crazy $16 fee (from Manhattan to North Jersey. Can you imagine?).

  4. Well, I ordered 2 lippies and I too almost canceled out at the shipping charge. Then I figured, if I want to try them in the future they'll be full price AND I'll still have that shipping charge so I just bit the bullet.

  5. Thanks for the tip Gaia! I had the same issue and hesitated upon seeing the crazy shipping charge, but like Norma, I also bit the bullet and ordered 2 to try. Can't wait to receive them!

  6. I can't believe I missed this one! I've been wanting to try EB lipsticks forever, and this would have been the perfect time, high shipping or not (as addicted as I am to lipstick, I found 4 colors I just HAD to try).

    Hopefully, there will be another opportunity in the future. Until then, I'll have to live vicariously through the blogosphere, I guess, since his line isn't available down here in Atlanta.

    Lipstick Musings

  7. Well, we'll see how the situation ends up resolving. but so far it's been a less than stellar experience. Both lippies came damaged - one with the tip crushed and marks because it digs into the lipstick when you twist the base, and the other came out of the base entirely in shipping and was stuck in the cap when I opened it for the first time! I emailed Edward Bess customer service about it just today, hopefully there will be a way to fix it. The one that is unusable entirely is the one I was most excited about too!


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