Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Style Eyes by Taylor Chang-Babaian- Book Review

Style Eyes is the second book by makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian. Her first book, Asian Faces, focused on various makeup style and needs of Asian women. Now she's approaching women of all ethnicities but focusing on what might the most challenging part of makeup application: eyes.

The book covers everything from shaping your eye brows to applying false lashes. There are step-by-step instructions for every look and technique, explanations, definitions, tips and tricks. Ms. Chang-Babaian demystifies loose pigments, mineral products and tells you that when buying cream eye shadows you'd want a store with a good return policy. I especially loved the detailed how-tos for different eye shapes and lids. Those should give even the most inexperienced users a good idea how to create a polished look that really fits their features.

I wish there was a lot more discussion of color.  There's a casual mention that one can wear just about any color if done right, but not enough examples. It would have been great to see makeup looks focused on certain colors adapted to different faces, skin tones and occasions. Despite this flaw, Style Eyes offers enough useful information and inspiration even for those of us who are quite proficient with our liners and brushes. The photographs by Albert Sanchez are great- the models look human and you get a good idea of Taylor Chang Babaian's aesthetics. I plan to keep the book near my makeup dressers, so I can quickly refer to it when trying something new.

Bottom Line: Nice to have for just about anyone.

Style Eyes by Taylor Chang-Babaian ($17.95, paperback) will be out August 3rd. I received a review copy from the publisher.

Photo of Ms. Chang-Babaian's work by Albert Sanchez from

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